My Experience as an Intern at The Techy Hub

Lesli Lu working at The Techy Hub

It has been 2 and a half months since I joined The Techy Hub for the internship and today will be the final day of my internship. After completing my SPM at SMK Taman Connaught, I decided after all the late night study sessions and stressful examinations that I needed a break. So, I chose to opt for the July intake for A-levels.

The months leading up to the internship were mostly unproductive. From working in retail to binge watching Netflix at home. The first 2 months were great, the feeling of doing absolutely nothing was satisfying. But the break I thought I deserved became dull really fast. I knew how important planning for the future was, so I made it my goal to get an internship before I start college.

My sister told me about The Techy Hub, saying that they offer a really good internship program. After exchanging a few e-mails with Soon Seng, we scheduled an interview. A week after that, my internship began.

Why I chose to do my internship

Coming out of government school, I did not really get the exposure I needed to face the adult world. We lack communication skills as there’s an explicit hierarchy in schools where the governing bodies are dominant, this shuts down communication skills, opinions and creativity. The Techy Hub gave me the opportunity to grow and get real world experience.

With a large majority of my friends already started college and another portion enrolling just as I started my internship, there was a small form of doubt. I would be half a year behind my friends. Here are some of the reasons why I did things differently and chose to do an internship.

Real world experience

An internship gives the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in a professional environment. Often people have the misconception whereby an intern merely does photocopying or getting coffee. At The Techy Hub, interns were here to learn and explore new career paths.

Learn new skills

One of the reasons I applied for the internship at the The Techy Hub was because I knew nothing about programming. I know it sounds rather counter intuitive. Why venture into uncharted territory? Well let’s face it, programming is the future. The internship gave me the opportunity to learn basic coding. It also gave me some insights on how a web development company functions.

Dog with computer


Building my resume

Before I came in, my resume consists mainly of retail jobs that don’t bring much value. The internship served both as a great learning experience as well as a new addition to my resume. The addition of an internship in my resume carries more weight in a sense that it shows you’re motivated to be involved in the working industry.


 The experience

The first week of my internship was mostly learning the basics. I was appointed to be under the Digital Marketing team. Again, I was going into this blind, knowing nothing about the different aspects of digital marketing. I started off watching introduction videos regarding digital marketing from SEO to SEM. Trying to absorb as much as I could. My supervisor Kur Win taught me everything I needed to know about Digital marketing. I slowly began to understand why certain websites succeeded while others got lost in cyberspace.

After the first week, I was given a few tasks that included managing the Facebook pages of our company as well as other partner companies. Even though I was an intern, it felt like I was treated as a real employee. We were given responsibilities. During meetings, our input and opinions were valued where they take our inputs into consideration regardless of whether you were a full time staff or an intern.

Digital marketing meme

It really is. source.

I was often given the task of writing content for client websites, blogposts and product descriptions. I really enjoyed the creative freedom given to me, where I could express my ideas and thoughts. However at times, the need for constant original content can be mentally straining. The working environment and help from my colleagues definitely helped me in overcoming the challenges faced. The working environment instills creativity. With a large couch, colourful bean bags and an Xbox, the workplace encourages the balance between work and play.

Since The Techy Hub is a Web Development company, it was only fair that I learn how to code. I learned basic Front-End Development which comprises of HTML and CSS coding. I was fascinated by how even a simple website required lines and lines of code. Challenging at time, programming is one of the key skills to have for the future regardless of what career direction you opt to choose.


How it felt to code for the first time. source.

That’s all Folks!

It was wonderful to walk into the office each day knowing that every day is a new day where you have the opportunity to learn, to build connections and to grow. The time has come for us to go our own ways. In a month, I’ll be back in school but with a different outlook. I’ll be forever grateful for giving me the opportunity of knowledge interning under The Techy Hub. Thanks guys!

Want to experience the internship program for yourself? Find out more about the internship program here:

group photo of The Techy Hub

Farewell lunch for the interns.



1419024Throwing it back to 2 weeks ago, I still the little high school girl with no idea what the Techy Hub do. Purposely making my bag appear big but in reality there’s only 3 papers, my pencil box and my bottle in it. (trying hard to look like I’m ready). With the initial thought that all offices are like a honeycomb with superiors sitting in their respective solidary cube. I thought I will be confined to my little cubic space.

Pushing open the door, the Techy Hub was nothing like what I imagined, it looked exactly like the pictures online (duh).

Compared to the other offices, the Techy Hub is more relaxed and laid back. To my surprise, the resting area has bean bags and a comfy sofa. Anytime when we feel tired and drowsy, we can just change our workplace and move there to work. How nice is that!!


During my brief stay in the Techy Hub, I was given the opportunity to learn about digital marketing. Coming in as an Art student, I had the basic coverage about marketing. Marketing involves the advertising process which is no longer just giving out pamphlets, TV adverts or leaflets but now it involves taking in the help of social media such as a blog. Taking it up a notch, we optimize our blog posts to ensure that our website is available for the world to access through SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows us to rank for a certain keyword. Did you know that you can earn money for the rankings!!1538344

Writing a blog is not as easy as I thought. It’s more than just typing, editing and posting. There’s more than that involved. Before posting my article, I have to make sure that the readability is lighted green. Like a traffic light, red means stop don’t post; yellow means it’s not good but not bad. This ensures that the article is pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. Next, it’s the SEO optimization part. I have a brief idea on what it is but I was not experienced enough to do it so I passed it to the expert, Tricia.

Holding open a door of curiosity, I learnt content writing. Sure, you might say, it’s just writing, anyone is capable of doing it. But, writing to advertise has lot of hidden tactics. You have write to provoke the consumers and viewers. It’s like playing with alphabets and forming words that make your product appear exclusive and make your potential customers feel like they need to have it.


all kinds of foodEveryone’s daily struggle: where to eat?

Lunch, my favorite time of the day. Partially because of the food but it was also the only time where everyone sit together and talk. Stepping away from our computers and enjoy our delicious meals. The first few days, I was still quite reluctant and shy to start a conversation with them but now we talk every day. We can talk about just anything, sharing experiences or just some random funny Facebook posts. Laughter is never absent with them.



It’s true how Time waits for no one. When you are enjoying yourself, time always race like a jet. In a blink of an eye, 2 weeks is already coming to an end. It’s time to say goodbye to this place. It’s time to switch back to my original high school routine… Today is the last day that I will be walking down the stairs from the Techy Hub. Bringing sweet memories and all the knowledge I gained home, I will never forget my wonderful experience here! It’s time to go back to the familiar building where I call school and leave the office of the Techy Hub…

A Different Working Environment

Art Printing Works

art printing works building

Down the memory lane, APW (Art Printing Works) was not just merely another commercial letterpress establishment.  Specialising in printing hardcover books, the industrial plant is dilapidated by the advancement of technologies. Rich in history, APW couldn’t just close down now.

The Origin

Dating back to the 18th centuries, The Royal Press was in its heyday. Fame was in its favor until the Japanese came about, endeavoring to devour the whole of Tanah Melayu. The Royal Press had to closed down because of that. The original store was no longer in existence, but the business is still in the heart of Ee Lay Swee, who then later opened a store that lasted till this very day.

Royal Press withstood the dilapidation of time, but technologies were not kind to them. By 2000, the business was in neglect as it was not seen as appealing to the newer generation.

Ee Soon Wei took the bold initiative to improvise the authentic industrial printing area into something new. Holding onto the family’s legacy, the common trading area is no longer just the home of ink and papers. Instead, it’s the campus for all creativity to take place.



office space
Above the factory is the large space for juvenile entrepreneurs to interact with the other creative outdoor washroom area
individuals from different fields like graphic designs, architecture, programming and many more. With the exposure of natural light and green plants around that space, you will feel more focused.

The modern layout and design of Uppercase allow inspiration to take place. Every now and then, Uppercase tenants organize events to share their passion and teach a skill or two. Bean bags lying around waiting for us to take a seat, bringing us comfort and relaxation while we work.

An arcade at the corner, tempting us to take a break and have some fun. A rooftop terrace with plenty of natural light, totally insta-worthy. Even the toilet is looking modern and waiting for us to utilize it. Stayed here the whole day, starting to smell a bit like gym socks? Keep your cologne or deodorant and head to the shower prepared for you.


#Brown bag Friday

man presenting with silly picture on screen

Grace organized a small section to gather the community members. It was just a little session that gathers the members for a chat. This is the time where everyone has a chance to share their passion, experiences, and views. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This short session enables us to solve the member’s problems and share our ideas. Maybe our ideas might just be the exact solution to the hitch that he is facing. On the 28th of October, Daecan Tee from Pow Ideas shared about the importance of the prototyping culture.



Pulp by Papa Palheta, a safe haven for all caffeine lovers. From afar, the smell of fresh pastries and rich aroma permeate the air. Bringing joy and vitality to those who needed a boost to get through the hardships of work. From the surface, Pulp looks just like another coffee shop around the corner.

In the heart of the store is the eagerness to spread the art of brewing. It’s not only a coffee shop that bakes and brew but also a café that supplies the appliances to hash a fresh coffee. The tricks and tips to a mildly acidic coffee can be attained here as you embark on your journey to becoming a coffee apprentice.

Not only that, Pulp is also the supplier of aromatic roasted beans at both retail and commercial levels.


The Breakfast Thieves

rustic breakfast place with plants around

The Breakfast Thieves, founded in 2012 in Melbourne, the co-founders decided to return home to bring their delicacies to their homeland. Introducing the fusion treat that incorporates Australian and Asian taste buds. Being listed as one of the top 5 cafés in Melbourne, they decided to bring their legacy home. The mouth-watering dishes that they prepared will make you drool!


A Place Where (APW)

A workplace is not always a single cube that we are all confined to work in. In APW, it’s versatile and fun. With the F&B outlets available, you will never have to worry about where to eat. You can choose where to sit, and every day you will have new interactions. A Place Where you can work and play.

A Little About Intern Alisha

intern working hard on computer

Hi my name is Alisha Lee and I’m from Wesley Methodist School (International). I’ve just finished my final term exams for year 10 (form 4). My school has this program called Work Experience for the year 10/ form 4s. In this program we are to find our own jobs and work for them for 2 weeks.

human head and lightbulb with icons about education So, I started thinking. What were my requirements for my job? Was it the money? The brand? The experience? The people? I then and there came into a conclusion, to me, what was the most important was the learning. The process and what I can use what I have learnt for my future as an artistic freelancer, might it be in graphic design, illustration or animation.

I talked to many people and soon came across The Techy Hub through a friend of mine. She too was going to join this company. I did my research and made sure this was the right choice. I wanted to broaden my abilities and learn more about the digital world of art. The company was in the graphic design and advertising field which fulfilled my requirements moreover something I have never tried before.

Feeling adventurous, I thought to myself, why not? I then started to converse with Soon Seng, The director / Front-End Developer. After Soon Seng explained to me the positions available and had advise me to not pick too many choices, I finalized with the choice of social media marketing and graphic designing.

I’m excited to pick up some skills before heading back to the dull books in school and I hope to gain as much as I can from this internship. Stay tuned to this space to see what else we’ll be sharing.

If that sparked your curiosity, do check out the other interns and their work here!

The Beginning – First Day of Internship

My First Dayintern smiling at her computer at work

The sun was smiling behind the dark clouds, but all was well except…the traffic. Staring out of dad’s car window, blazing red light lit up every cars backside. After an intense battling with the traffic, Waze finally announced my arrival at The Techy Hub. “You have reached your destination,” right on time.  I was greeted by three really friendly members of the The Techy Hub team.

The First Task

Woman writing list of tasks to do, close-up of handI received my first task from Tricia, our supervisor. We were given videos that are related to what we will be doing for the next two weeks. It was informative videos that provide us with a deeper depth on marketing. Being an Art student in school, I was exposed to Business Studies that covered a brief foundation on marketing. So, I know what the speaker is talking about. Marketing is not just about selling the product, but there are layers and layers of planning, advertising and many more processes involved. It’s like baking, in a way.

Next, we met Soon Seng who showed us around and explained to us what do they do in The Techy Hub. Right away, we were given tasks to carry out for the next few days. I’m assigned to design an infographic (an animated video) to promote a UK based website called PLABable. Still a newbie in digital marketing, I took my chance to do learn. Introduced to a step by step, user-friendly animation creating app, Animaker, for the first time in my life, I created digital animation! It was pretty cool and an achievement to me.

Taking small baby steps, we have a lot to learn and gain from this experience.

Work Experience Programme (WEP)

girl thinkingWork Experience Programme 2016 at Wesley Methodist School is aiming to allow us to have the opportunity to be exposed to knowledge, skills and responsibilities that can be obtained out of the four walls of a classroom and thick, heavy books that are brought to only be memorised.

Why The Techy Hub and not in other workplaces? Working is not easy; it’s an entirely different daily routine compared to our typical student’s daily exposure. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as not all student are given a chance to intern at the age 16.

The reason why I chose The Techy Hub instead of eateries, it’s because I like writing, specifically short story writing. In the future, even when we go overseas, we will still have the chance to work in restaurants and cafes. But rarely, companies will be willing to take a 16-year-old to be an intern for just two short weeks. Surely, working in cafes, we’ll be able to learn how to communicate and delegate our jobs, but in The Techy Hub I will learn so much more. For example, I learned digital infographic designing today.

The Future

teacher teaching kids16, age to start thinking about the future and our ambition. Planning for the future is like foretelling when the apocalypse will come. Only the future knows the many secrets. To me, thinking about my aspirations is almost impossible. Deciding on what I want to do in the future is like chasing a Ferrari with a Proton Saga. From being a teacher to being a Masterchef Winner after watching Gordon Ramsay cook, until now I’m still searching. That’s one of the reasons why I chose The Techy Hub. I’m opening doors to new possibilities, maybe one day I will find my own Narnia. I might see where my passion lies and start pinpointing my goals and work towards achieving them.

It’s still the 1st day, and I’m still a sprout in the soil waiting to grow into a tree. Two weeks is not long, and it’s probably the shortest internship time span, but that’s not a problem. I will absorb as much ‘nutrients’ as possible.

“The best way to predict the Future is to Create it”- Peter Drucker

Potted Geraniums

Check out The Internship here

I Am A Snapchat Addict!

By June Seow

Salted Egg yolk Cronut


“Did you see the picture of the salted egg yolk cronut Sersay posted on Instagram yesterday? I was sitting there wondering, why my phone screen was glistening with water. It took me awhile to realise that my mouth was still hanging open… We really need to try that café out!”


“Yeah, I see you’ve been working out quite frequently from your snapchat! You’ve been going to spinning classes at the new place in Jalan Westeros too, right? It looks so sick, dude. I think I’m definitely gonna sign up for their beginner classes.”


“Hey Ariah, I’m good, man. You just got back from Davos City right? I saw your holiday pictures on Facebook. I’ve been meaning to visit there. The shopping looks so good! I’m all about free trade and one-off items. I read on a travel blog also that the seafood there is super fresh, especially the oysters and cockles. Is that true?”

Do any of these three scenarios ring a little bell in your head? If yes is your answer to that question because you’ve found yourself in a similar situation before, read on. If you were sharp enough to catch the Game of Thrones references, high-5, we would definitely be fast friends! Now, do your future pal a solid and read this blogpost please. BUT if your answer was no, then I urge you to continue reading anyways because this article was written specifically with you in mind.

It is undeniably true that a lot of what we do are heavily influenced by the latest trends. Especially from the internet. Be it whether you want a taste of the salted egg yolk cronut or to sign up for a couple of spinning classes! The social media is able to leave a profoundly powerful and lasting impact on its audience. In this era where everyone and everything is connected, we are able to obtain real-time updates on our loved ones. The world is made small as everyone is able to keep in touch with the latest happenings and constantly stay in the loop.

Surprisingly, businesses rely on social media in a similar way we individual humans do; to maintain relationships, reach out to people, share and spread ideas, and to express a more fun, creative side to their oftentimes, serious façade..

  • Maintaining Relationships

Just like how we use Twitter or Facebook to upkeep relationships on a daily basis, businesses too can use social media in the same way. Social media presents us with a very unique and simple platform for companies to communicate with their audience. Communicating on social media strips away the formalities you would usually expect to find in a conversation between a company and its client and helps to promote a more casual, easygoing company-client relationship which at the end of the day, will undoubtedly strengthen the bond between both parties.

  • Reaching Out to People

An example of a company with a beautiful goal when it comes to their use of social media is Dove. With their motto of “helping all women realize their personal beauty potential.”, Dove is constantly creating content aimed at making women truly feel good about themselves. With the use of special hashtags such as #ChooseBeautiful and inspirational videos circulating the internet, it is no wonder their Facebook mentions increased by 71%! Besides that, a poll conducted showed that a staggering 71% of the women who participated in Dove’s Ad Makeoever campaign said they felt more beautiful. This just goes to show how powerful an impact social media can make on its audience.

  • The Sharing and Spreading of Ideas

Think back to the times when advertisements actually meant manual labor: hardcopy printouts of posters and flyers, physically pinning them onto noticeboards or handing them out to passing pedestrians. Luckily for us, technology evolves very quickly and in the blink of an eye noticeboards have been replaced by sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing ideas and information have never been simpler! All it takes is literally just one click of the button for our content to be shared to hundreds and thousands of people. What’s even better is that now we are even able to track and analyse how well our posts do thanks to the abundance of social media analytics tools! We can not only control what time we decide to post an advertisement for maximum audience reach, but we can also decide the age group of the audience we want to share an infographic with!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what social media can do for businesses. If you look closely, you’ll notice a common pattern between the companies that are prominent in this digital age – their bold use of social media. So, what are you waiting for?? It’s time to take advantage of these tools if you haven’t already! See you on Instagram!

Team having some fun

Bye Bye, June (the intern, not the month!)

A month has come and raphicone in the blink of an eye. Today we’re saying goodbye to one of our interns, June. Here’s what she had to say about her time with us!

I am admittedly a tech noob. Before this internship, the extent of my “computer skills” encompassed using Word Document, Safari, Google Chrome, and maybe just a little bit of Excel. ‘Photoshop’, ‘programming’ and ‘coding’ were three words missing from my vocabulary and if I consulted a fortune teller a month ago, and was told I would be able to code using a computer language one day, I would probably have laughed out loud and demanded all my money back.

This summer, I decided to expose myself to something new and perhaps even try to pick up a different skill. I mean, summer is all about self-discovery and self-growth, right??? Although my time with The Techy Hub was short, it was indeed very sweet. During my time here, I managed to learn a range of things. From the workings of EDM (electronic direct mail ok, not Martin Garrix and Hardwell!) and how to use HTML. I also got to learn about wedding planning and even how to make kopitiam coffee!

Things weren’t easy…

Having come from a health science background, a lot of tasks assigned to me, I had to learn from scratch! I honestly found it all very challenging and, at times I really struggled to grasp certain concepts. However, reflecting back I am truly glad I managed to learn so much in my short time here.

This internship served as a platform for me to step outside my comfort zone and try something different. Consequently enabling me to realize some of my personal goals for the summer. After these couple of weeks working at The Techy Hub, I felt like I have obtained a better understanding behind the complexities of computer programming, found newfound respect for website and graphic designing, and especially, gained valuable insight on the workings of social media marketing and advertising!

My wonderful help.

Working at The Techy Hub has been a very different experience for me. Mainly because of the easygoing company atmosphere and the extra friendly superiors who are always eager to help. We work as a close knit team with every member striving towards the same goal. My colleagues were ever so helpful and patient with me. For instance, my first week here when I unknowingly kept calling URLs, url as in hurl without the h… Thank goodness Michelle and Patricia very politely corrected me soon after, before I could further embarrass myself in front of everyone else! They also didn’t mind when I bombarded them with questions like “What are plugins?” and “What’s the difference between a jpeg and a png?”. Also, when I outwardly stared at their laptop screens in wonderment as they went about their tasks editing and designing graphics on Photoshop and adobe illustrator. They have definitely made my time here even sweeter!

That’s a wrap!

My short stint at The Techy Hub has been a very rewarding and memorable one. I am thankful for this opportunity given to me and am so happy I managed to cross paths with so many talented people along the way. Hopefully, I will be able to put all the new skills I’ve acquired from my time here to good use one day in the near future, but for now I’m ready for my next adventure at Manipal Teaching Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal, where I get to trade Sublime Text for some hardcore drug dispensing, and JavaScript for a couple of quick laps around the hospital wards. This is June, logging off!

Internship Season 4 Ends


It feels like just yesterday we were posting about our new batch of interns. It just shows how three months can just fly past. Our interns have now come to the end of their journey with us. Here is what they have to say:

Tian Sheng:

After 3 months of working at The Techy Hub, my internship has finally come to an end. During my short tenure here as an intern, I was given the opportunity to learn more about programming in a variety of different languages such as HTML, CSS and even a little Java. Furthermore with the help of the techies and some brainstorming, I even managed to publish my first android game on the Play Store. But interning at the Hub isn’t all about programming, we were also exposed to a variety of life skills such as communicating with clients and proper working etiquettes which would benefit myself and others around me.

The atmosphere at the Hub is unlike most companies, with a more relaxed and comfortable environment, lightning fast internet connection and even an Xbox nearby in case we need a break, it really provides us with a conducive environment to work in. Not to mention working at Uppercase in Bangsar every Friday provides us with some much needed change of scenery every now and again.

Interning at The Techy Hub has really opened my eyes to the world of programming and web designing, not to mention life skills which I can help give me an edge in my future working life.  

Kam Wai:

In just a split amount of time, the 3-month internship is about to finish. This is definitely a brand new experience in my life. In these few months, we have learnt new skills that we won’t get if we did not join this internship. From web designing to app programming, it trained us to persevere when we face any obstacles in life.

Initially, we learnt the basic HTML and CSS then we got the opportunity to learn the basic function in WordPress. We did this by watching the video tutorials given by the experts. There are a lot of things to learn therefore we need to work very hard on it. After that, we used WordPress to edit webpages for clients. However, it was not as easy as it looks. Many factors had to be considered in the process. This includes the overall design, words and pictures. We need to make it user-friendly and not too complicated. We managed to take part in the building of two websites, one of it is based on a medical quiz while the other one is related to a scaffolding company.

Besides that, we had to learn Photoshop and Fireworks in order to adjust and fit the pictures nicely on the website. Learning how to do it is not easy because both programs have a lot of functions. Thus, we had help from our superiors and colleagues to overcome these challenges. 

Moreover, we manage to improve our communication skills by joining this internship. We need to meet up and discuss with clients in order to fulfil their requirements on the website. This internship has trained me to be more outspoken and confident in sharing ideas for discussions.

App Reskinning – Continental Quiz

Written By: Tian Sheng

Throughout my internship here at The Techy Hub, I was given many opportunities to learn. One of them included how to reskin an app through the android development program called Eclipse.

The Struggle is Real

After a month of code editing and vigorous play testing, I’ve managed to reskin a quiz app called Continental Quiz. The game involves choosing true or false whether each country and its corresponding continent is correct or not. It sounded like an easy job, but later did I know I was wrong. In fact, a TON of tweaking had to be done on the java code for it to work.

We cracked our heads to decide what app or game to use and finally decided on a spelling quiz game called Freaking Word. Between my friend (Kam Wai) and I, we decided to develop 2 separate reskins from this app. With Kam Wai focusing on a Chemistry based game while I chose a much simpler quiz game.

JavaScript time

The first issue that I had to overcome was the fact that the app’s code is in Java. As someone with next to no knowledge in Java I had to resort to online tutorials and YouTube videos to figure out the meaning of each line of code. Thankfully after weeks of trial and error, online tutorials and the help of the techies I not only managed to revamp the app’s Equation logic code but add some background music to the game as well.

The second issue that came up was the reskinning of the app’s assets and audio files. I learnt to use Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator to edit and create necessary icons. As for the background audio, I had to take extra precaution to not infringe on any copyrighted material.

continental-quiz-1 continental-quiz-2

Once all the issues and minor details were ironed out, it was time for me to publish my first android game on the Play Store! If you are interested in downloading the game, you can find it here together with all the other apps that we the interns have created:;hl=en

App Reskinning – Chem Pro!

Written By: Kam Wai

In the final month here, we were given the task to reskin an app to monetize it. First, we headed to Code Canyon website to search for suitable app to reskin. Subsequently, we managed to narrow it down to 2 apps, Stick Hero and Freaking Word. The former is a game where you have to help the character to get through different length of pit. This is done by lengthening the stick until it reaches an optimum length to act as a bridge on the pit. The latter requires you to determine whether the word given has correct spelling or not.

After analyzing both games, we realized that the Freaking Word game has bigger potential to be reskinned because we can modify it to many different types of quiz. For example, we can change it to test player’s knowledge on Physics equation, Chemistry formula or even continental countries. By using the source code for just an app, we can come up with different varieties of game. Therefore, my colleague and I can come up with 2 apps by just buying the source code for an app. I decided to modify the game into a Chemistry formula quiz. My friend Tian Sheng created a quiz related to continental countries.


After we bought the source code of Freaking Word, we try to edit it. Though the game app looked simple and was easy to play, it was very challenging to edit the code without background in Java programming. Therefore, we need help from our experts in order to change the game play to suit our app title and the purpose of the app. For my game, I put in some basic Chemical elements and compounds into the game library. The player has to determine whether the element or compound given suits the Chemical formula or not.

In terms of design, it is much easier as we do not need touch a lot on the Java code. We just need to take some related non-copyrighted pictures and modify it to suit the app. The app name is Chem Pro! This game aims to strengthen the player’s understanding on Chemical formulas. Chemistry students, be sure to try it out if you’re weak in your formulas, maybe this could help! The link for the app is