Global Transformation Forum

The Techy Hub attended the Global Transformation Forum 2015 in KL earlier this week. Originally requested as the website Tech Team, we also had free time to sit in for a few talks.


Each of the talks that we sat in gave us an insight of successful people from around the world, all from different industries, coming together to show how we can create an impact in a global environment.

The legendary Olympic sprinter – Carl Lewis, was the first speaker to take centre stage.

“Believing in something that you think you cannot do, and not being afraid of failure.”

This quote got us thinking; it was always trial and error for the Techy Hub. We did not start the company with jobs and a future secured. We worked hard on securing clients, giving the best service we could physically, and here we are still today.

Below is a sneak peak on his talk:

The second individual that took that stage was Pierluigi Collina – considered one of the best (but very stern and scary!) referees in the world of football.

He talked about how every decision he made was an important one. “Even the smallest details can make a difference. Collina said that a change is always needed, knowing the rules of the game and being fit is not enough. You gotta be one step ahead.”

Before every game, he would analyse every player in detail. Whether the player was a right footed or left, a strong player or a wise one etc. From this information, he could then roughly predict a foul from a player. So he could always “Be one step ahead.”

And the final individual that we Techies wanted to see was of course Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Terminator!

Arnold lived by 6 rules:-

  • Trust yourself
  • Break some rules
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Ignore the naysayers
  • Work like hell
  • Give something back

“If you don’t have a vision, if you don’t have a goal, if you don’t see where you are going – everything is a job or a chore. We must discover our vision and the rest will follow.”

So this got us thinking, what is the The Techy Hub’s vision? What is our end goal? We honestly don’t know (right this moment!) but we definitely  will find out! We need to sit down, find our goal and achieve it successfully!

Arnold added on: “Do not think small, always think big. Shoot for the stars and always ignore the naysayers.”

This was something The Techy Hub needed. A reminder to go strong no matter how hard it will be. The final speech was impactful and something we will take back: “Forget Plan B, work your ass off and give back to the community because if its not us, who? If its now now, when?”

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Having the Best of Both Worlds


So here’s a feature of Soon Seng in Focus Week – thanks to Rita! The article features individuals who lead a balanced lifestyle of work and travel.

Read about Soon Seng’s experience, and the upside and downside of working while travelling:-


Pictured here is a reunion between Soon Seng and his Melbournian friends:-


One of the benefits (and probably the best point in my opinion) is that working in The Techy Hub leaves you flexibility – you get to travel anytime of the year! We don’t have a set amount of days for official Annual Leave as we don’t think that taking time off should be restricted! (Say Amen to that!)

We’re always welcoming and gathering Techies. Just drop us a quick email: and we’ll be in touch!