Uppercase: A Collaborative Workspace for a Community of Creators

The Techy Hub temporarily relocated for a day to Uppercase. It is located amidst the familiar city hustle in the heart of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The trendy, conducive workspace helped rid of any symptoms of Monday Blue’s for us.

We were seated at the main area, where there were long tables and swivel chairs amidst patches of sun. The open concept allowed for us to discuss ideas or where to eat lunch while getting work done. It is a comfortable space where we don’t have to isolate ourselves and our work until it is time for a group meeting. It is a comfortable space where there is no isolation between ourselves and our work. We can move about, stretch, talk – all contributing positively to our thinking process.


Need a break?

We’re spoilt for choice here, from playing a round of Street Fighter II to relaxing in bean bags. What’s more,  you can enjoy the sunshine and good view from the roof terrace for a toilet break! Now that is sufficient to keep us energised for the work ahead.

The place is fresh and stimulating: exactly what a healthy workplace should be.




The energy at Uppercase can definitely be identified as different, compared to when working at previous working spaces, as concluded by the project coordinators of a special Bicycle Map Project deriving from a link between Studio 25 and Think City, who have been working at Uppercase for around a month. In their opinion, the space acts as a catalyst for discussion and collaboration – solving problems and feeding curiosities. When asked to name a few things that made working here awesome, the coffee machine was branded as a plus side of working here. I have to admit: the scent of brewing coffee does improve working conditions by a significant percentage for me too.

For those interested in getting a new office space or a place to collaborate with, have a look at uppercase. You can check them out at http://www.uppercase.asia

Internship Season 4 Begins

So season 3 internship just completed their journey two weeks back and we have begin the next batch of interns. Thanks to our previous intern Kimberly for introducing, of course! Kam Wai from Taylor’s college Hartamas and his good buddy Tian Sheng.  They have been here for two weeks, and here’s what they have to say:-


I started up with this internship program when I realized that I have some free time before my university intake. I think these few months provide a good time for me to learn new skills. Due to the competitive world we live in now, it’s important to learn some different skills to make ourselves stand out better. 

I learnt about this internship from my friend. This internship is carried out by The Techy Hub and it lasts for 3 months. My internship is mainly about programming. We start everything from the basic, from simple coding language until the building of a complex website. Since the first few weeks, we learnt a lot of things from the video tutorials and the web-developing website. Besides, we know how to construct a simple webpage after learning for one to two weeks. I believe that programming skill is very essential especially to future engineering students. This is because engineers will definitely have to deal with programming during the production of items. Not only that, we will also have to help the company to complete the websites with sufficient information. I learnt to be more productive and resourceful, to solve problems even in a limited amount of time.

– Kam Wai –


After finishing my STPM exams, I was left with a long break before furthering my studies in chemical engineering. I wanted to use my time wisely and productively, rather than just playing games at home all day. After my previous job, I yearned for something more than just keying in data. After months of searching, a friend of mine recommended this internship program, needless to say I jumped at the opportunity.

Now, I had no experience with coding whatsoever. However, the internship at The Techy Hub provided me with the perfect opportunity to jump onto the programming bandwagon. It’s my second week in, and I’m learning more about the different programming language like HTML and JQuery every day. Initially, it was pretty challenging to pick up coding. After many trials and errors, I began to familiarise myself with the language. The techy experts are such great help too, always guiding us whenever we face difficulty. Occasionally even treating us to lunch!

Although I’ve only been an intern here for around 2 weeks, I’ve managed to learn so much and the learning curve just keeps increasing.

– Tian Sheng –

My Time at The Hub

time at the hub

By Kevin Ngoh

mr-techyThe internship programme provided me with the opportunity to learn and create, beginning with how to reskin an app and monetizing it. Over the past three months, I have reskinned an app from creating new characters to editing code. The end result is Mr. Techy, a single player game which involves the player avoiding obstacles in the way, including annoying bosses and spikes!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

In the beginning, it took some time to decide on a game to work on. After a week of analyzing applications on multiple sites, we decided on Down (The original name of the app). Initially, I told Soon Seng it would be a piece-of-cake to reskin this app. Oh boy, was I wrong.

It turns out the app that we bought was run on Unity. The game was a 3D-Modelling based game which made things hard as I had no knowledge in 3D-Modelling. To overcome that obstacle, I headed online and learned everything through tutorials as well as experimented with my own 3D models. I eventually created a whole set of my very own customized 3D models.

Due to Trademark, we couldn’t use the Star Wars theme for our game. Therefore, the Google PlayStore did not approve our game. Due to that issue, we had to come up with a whole new theme and create a new batch of characters. A whole months worth of planning and building had to be scrapped.

In the second attempt, I made new minimalistic characters, centering on the theme, “Mr.”, which I interpreted as “easy and simple”. Brainstorming for weeks made me realise that everyone wants things as simple as possible. Thus, I built models based on that idea! If you want to know what Mr. looks like, download the game! Upon finalizing the characters, I resolved other issues like background music and icons before finally posting the game.

Feel free to download the game from google app store. You guys can look for Mr. Techy or download it from this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=The%20Techy%20Hub&hl=en