Who Am I? I’m An Intern


Hello there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ranko and I’m currently studying for my Diploma in Mass Communication. An internship is a compulsory part of my course so here I am at The Techy Hub.

I had been dreading the internship portion of my course just because I’d have to make so many choices from what field to go into to which company to apply for. It was important, my lecturers told all of us as we were briefed on what to expect, to choose a company you feel comfortable with because you’ll be there every day for the next few months. Decisions, decisions; so many to make and all of them having a significant impact on me.

The entire semester before our internship period, I was asked countless of times ‘So where are you going to intern?’ by lecturers and peers alike. I really didn’t want to think about it and kept trying to put it off but I knew I had to do it else I wouldn’t find a company in time. So I forced myself to sit down and write up a resume and cover letter. Going through the long list of suggested companies my college provided, I looked up all the companies that had what I was looking for, a ‘copywriters wanted’ written in the description. I had a few criteria in mind: close to home or easy to commute via public transportation, seems chill and looked interesting.

Chapter 1: The Interview

The Techy Hub was one of the few places that caught my eye and met all my criteria so I dropped Soon Seng an email. I felt a little nervous and giddy as if I’d just texted my crush when I hit ‘send’ on the email. I had hoped I would come off sounding professional and composed though that was a far cry from my true self. Thankfully, both Soon Seng and the other company I had contacted got back to me and we set up an interview time.

On the day of the interview with Soon Seng, I felt extremely nervous; I usually get major anxiety over things like this so it wasn’t surprising. The other interview I had was extremely short, I’d say it lasted about five minutes so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. Like a good interviewee, I arrived early and was ushered into what looked like a meeting room by Soon Seng.

Palms sweaty and heart beating fast, both from the nerves, I answered all of Soon Seng’s questions as best as I could, which meant with the least amount of stuttering. He asked about my studies and told me about his studies. It was just a lot of questions and inquiring on his part. By the end of it, he had assigned me a writing task and I felt that whether or not I got offered an intern position at The Techy Hub was riding on how well I did this assignment.

Chapter 2: The Experience

Relief flooded through me when I got the email from Soon Seng offering me an intern position at The Techy Hub. So now that I’ve got the position, I just had to mentally prepare myself (easier said than done). The fact that I would be an intern soon didn’t even settle in my mind until the day before I would actually start.

I showed up to the office early not knowing what to expect. Would they have me do menial work like making coffee and run errands? I guess, in my mind, that’s what an intern did. To my surprise, as I was given a rundown of the tasks that I would have to complete over the next three months, it seemed that they would be giving me a lot of work.

Writing blog posts and pitches filled my three months here. It really helped me improve my writing skills and learn about new things since I was usually writing about topics that I was unfamiliar with. While I had first thought that I’d be overwhelmed with the amount of work I’d have to do, I took things one step at a time and it honestly wasn’t that bad. But that was mostly because I had a lot of help.

Chapter 3: The People

By a lot of help, I mean that there was another intern working with me. Chris is his name and he left a month before I did (the traitor). He’s older than me so he had more experience and helped me out a lot, I’m grateful for that, but he had the worst puns. We got along well and were fast friends since we saw each other almost every day of the week. I think without Chris, I probably would have been so lost and lonely so I have to thank him for all his terrible jokes and for making those first two months pretty fun.

Kur Win, what can I say about him? He enjoys spilling hot liquids near my space and super derpy. He’s un-funnily funny and good at what he does. He was my main source of knowledge when it came to the whole Marketing shebang. Kur Win was a mentor, advisor and I’m glad to have picked up a couple of things from him

So, Soon Seng is pretty great. He always told us that he wanted every intern to learn something before they left. He never made us do things for no reason, there was always something to learn from our experience. It was through his constructive criticism that Chris and I managed to improve ourselves.


I don’t regret choosing to intern at The Techy Hub. I’ve learned a lot and have experienced what it’s like to work in an office. I’ve picked up on some things that I didn’t learn in college. I’ll go back to college, hopefully, a little more matured and a little more experienced. I’m truly grateful for this experience.

Bye, Bye, Bye (To The Interns)

It’s always so difficult to say goodbye to interns. Today we bid farewell to not one, not two, but three interns! You can just imagine how torn up we are over this. As always, we got them to talk about their experience here.

There is a lot to like about The Techy Hub but Seelic’s favourite part was the freedom here and both he and Li Sheng agree that the people here are great. Chris, on the other hand, likes the free lunches; yes folks, we have free welcome and farewell lunches. Who doesn’t like free food?

Chris Chia

Chris, Intern, The Techy Hub

Chris said that during his time here he has learned a lot through his hands-on experience that he didn’t in university. He believes that what he has learned here will help him in the future. Chris’s most memorable here was when we went on a hike at Broga Hill last month. He also said that the atmosphere at the office is nice and since the team isn’t too big, it’s easier to work together. We have a small team but we have enough people to still produce quality content. In the future, he hopes to work at a startup that focuses on one specific product/service such as dahmakan.

Shum Seelic

Seelic isn’t much of a talker but he still had some things to say about his time here. Like Chris, his most memorable here was the Broga Hill hike. He’s not very sure how his time here will help him in the future but he has some plans. He has one more semester to complete before attaining his degree and in the future, he wants to try going overseas after working locally for a few years.

Ong Li Sheng

During his time here, Li Sheng said he’s gained a lot of insight on how different technology work. He also got the chance to go through the process of taking on a project from meeting the client to carrying out the work. The people here are good, he said, and Soon Seng is very considerate in the sense that he never pushed them too hard, he knew their skill level and worked around that.

Thankfully, it isn’t goodbye forever because Chris and Seelic will be returning as full-time Techies. Li Sheng still has one last semester to go and had been offered a position here but he still hasn’t decided yet so he’ll be using that one semester to really think it over. But we certainly do hope that he comes back.

Who Are The Techies Ep 3

It’s been swell folks, but this week’s episode will be the final for Who Are The Techies (sobs). We have Soon Seng, Jazzy and Kyle! 

Ee Soon Seng

Techies, Techy Hub, Who Are The Techies

Here’s our dear Managing Director, Soon Seng. He started The Techy Hub after getting bored working for an agency for 3 years. He wasn’t feeling challenged enough at his old agency and he wanted to have a more flexible schedule—that folks is how The Techy Hub came about. The original concept for The Techy Hub was to be a space for freelancers, sort of like a coworking space but they’d work on projects together as well. However, that idea didn’t work so well so they switched it up and brought in their first two interns—Patricia and Michelle!  

Soon Seng would describe himself as techy, resilient, and lazy at times. We’d like to add on the word noble because that’s what he is! He might seem really chill but he works longer hours than anyone. His working hours extend till night time and he even works on the weekends! He really loves teaching people which is why he really treasures the internship program we have. He said he wants every intern to learn something during their time here.

His dreams are to build a dog farm, or dog shelter, where he’d let all the strays he finds stay there. Another dream of his is global domination…with an empire of programmers!

Jazzy Poh

Techies, Techy Hub, Who Are The Techies

Here’s Jazzy! Jazzy is the Head of Front End Development here, and she’s been here since last February. She used to work with Soon Seng in another agency so she’s known him for a long time. Jazzy used to do web design but didn’t like it much so she made the switch over to coding which she learned from her previous company.

So here is what she likes about working here: she likes how the team is small because sometimes communication is a problem if the team is too big.  

She’s our very own linguist who can speak Korean and Japanese, and she’s currently learning Thai. She loved travelling and has been to various countries in Southeast Asia, but her dream destinations are Iceland and Machu Picchu!

Kyle Tong

Techies, Techy Hub, Who Are The Techies

Last but not least is our Network Specialist, Kyle! He used to work in the same marketing agency as Soon Seng before deciding to come over to The Techy Hub. The words he used to describe himself are lazy (lol), easy-going, quiet (though we don’t really agree with this). Something else we don’t really agree with is how he claims that is introverted. He said that no one ever believes him when he tells them and we don’t either! Trust us, if you’ve met him you wouldn’t believe him either.

Get ready for this one because you’ll be thinking he’s a swell guy after reading this. He took in a dog that was dumped in front of his house; she had a collar so he could only assume that the poor thing was dumped by her owners. He said she was terrified but after a week of him and his parents feeding her, she finally came around. What a nice thing to do!

He said dog food is more expensive than his so if he could be any animal, he’d be a dog. His dream is to win the lottery and get rich, he’d use that money to travel the world.