Characteristics of a Good Logo – What You Need

What is a Logo?

Logo acts as a reminder and a pop up of a company/product. For the designer, it’s the ultimate challenge. Words and drawings or even doodles are how we usually express ourselves. Logos are graphic, a symbol, and it has to be in its simplest form.

Logos are the identity card of a company, the passport of the company’s growth. The designed logo has to evoke a sense of recognition among customers. Logos are the bridge between the company’s sales and their aims.

In a world where technologies are always advancing, an effective logo is a must. In a sea of logos, how do you stand out?



Unlike paintings or drawings, the key to an effective logo is simplicity. A good logo designer doesn’t always make a good illustrator, but this doesn’t stop you from designing a good logo. The glorious birth of a good logo often comes from aimless doodling. It doesn’t have complicating elements or components. Of course, improving your graphic design skills would really help you in your design work.

With just one quick look, your customers will recognize your brand through that particular logo. Logos that are too complex will cause confusion and minimize your chance of immediate recognition. Remember this: An effective logo is a private jet to your potential customers and business partners.

A good logo possesses the ability to get into the minds of all consumers without being overdrawn. It has to be simple up to the point where the customers will be able to describe it. Nike, a simple black tick but holds a million value.



man in the crowdA light bulb means idea; speech bubbles mean conversation, globe means international. All these are far too common to be used as a logo. Surely, your customers will be able to recognize it and identify it, but they might confuse it with other companies. A good logo has to be the odd one among a bunch of other logos.

Without an entirely different logo, your potential customers may turn to competitors’ companies, which means one less potential customers. A good logo doesn’t scream what you sell but instead it provokes the customers’ to identify it themselves.

Apple’s logo is just a plain white apple with a bite on the side, but they don’t sell Apple in a literal way. Instead, they sell smart mobile devices. Stay away from the clichés.



logoAn effective logo is one that can be incorporated into other forms of media such as name cards; it should be resizable. To achieve this, designers usually use a vector format. The logo will be drawn by paths and not pixels, and the logo will appear clearer compared to a pixelated logo. It has to be a minimum of one inch without missing out any important elements. Bare in mind, it has to be perfect wherever it is. No matter the size, the logo will always be recognizable. Your company will lose its value.

Ask yourself: Will it look good on billboards? Name cards? T-shirts? Pins?

The color of the logo affects the effectiveness of a logo. A good logo is a chameleon that can switch colors to fit in. It will still be influential even if it’s in black and white.



Identify your target market. A good logo can attract the right potential customers and boost the sales of the product. Designing for children’s toys? It’s not necessary to have a child’s toy as a logo or having the word ‘toys.’ Focus on your color scheme, making it appealing to your target market.

Designing for a law firm? Ditch the colorful and playful color scheme. Change it to a more formal and serious approach. Not only that, but you would also use simple fonts as it would be easier to see from a distance and locate.



i love new yorkA good logo has no expiry date. It will be durable no matter how many decades or centuries had passed. It will not deteriorate over time, and people will still be able to recognize the logo. Do not aim to be trendy but instead, strive for eternal life. A logo that is always changing will raise confusion among people.

Not only that, every time your company logo made any changes, you would have to advertise to make the changes known to the world. This is very costly and would reduce the revenue of a company.

Take a look at the ‘I LOVE NEW YORK’ logo, it’s created in 1975, but until this very day, this logo is still recognized by the general public. It’s still printed on t-shirts even after three decades.


If your logo fulfills all the above, you are ready to go. Start your business venture and your logo will not fail you!


6 Secrets to an appealing ‘About me’ page

man looking at phoneOur phones never left our side, they are like our sidekick, keeping us on the go. Checking emails, scrolling through Instagram, stalking your crush on Facebook, watching celebrities fight on Twitter, reading blogs on Google, the Web was always there to lend us a helping hand.

Sitting behind screen, it’s almost impossible to truly connect with your audience. Hence, it’s crucial to captivate your audience with a personal and friendly approach. Otherwise, you will be just another faceless web designer among sea of many others.

I know…easier said than done.


Don’t be normal, be different

Distinguish yourself. Make your ‘About me’ page an appealing sight by using different variety of Medias, such as graphic, videos, timelines. So that people will be attracted and possibly drool over your page. Colors brighten our days and it will also increase the number of viewers on your website. Specific colors possess the power to stir up our emotions.

  • Red- a color that grabs attention that’s why alarms are red
  • Blue- If you want to appear trustworthy and cool, try this.
  • Green- very flexible. It symbolizes nature and the color of money. It lends customer with a pleasing and warm feeling

1914074Contrast and complimentary colors are your best friends.

Humans have very short attention span (8 seconds).Therefore, videos are an effective way to display your thought with motion within seconds. Don’t blindly follow, create your own style. Separate yourself from the pack, be the Alpha.



Swipe Right

Treat your ‘About me’ page like a Tinder date. Of course you would want people to swipe right, right? But first, give them a good impression of you through a profile picture. Shine some light on yourself, use minimal filters. A photograph of yourself will allow your audience to feel connected.

With a picture of yourself, they will feel as though they met the actual person in reality and not just another anonymous web designer online. This will foster trust, you want to appear trustworthy. At least, your audience will know you are not a robot or an alien.


Speak human

The ‘About me’ page is not another English work assignment or an English essay for coursework. Bombastic words are completely extra and unnecessary. If your audience is required to pull out a dictionary, chances are they will just exit and adios.

You are conversing with your viewers through words, don’t try too hard to impress them with words that are not common. Jargon. A huge no-no. It may be cool but some may not understand it.

Make an effort to make your website accessible and user-friendly. Keep your vocab simple. Stay away from using unclear titles. If it’s an ‘About me’ page, give them the page. Don’t change it to “The Journey”.


Keep it Organized

boxes on shelfThe best ‘About me’ page is one that has a lot of information but with minimal confusion and very neat and tidy. Your audience has to be able to swallow and digest them. Avoid chocking them with endless paragraphs of alphabets. The only wall between us and success is our ability to control.

We most of the times tend to vomit out everything that we know. It may be challenging to know when to stop when writing an ‘About me’ page, especially when it is about ourselves. Is it enough? Is it too much? Control and express your thoughts at the same time avoid being too wordy.

Split your paragraphs and keep information in sections. Allow your audience to have a quick scan before depth reading it. Start with writing a short bio. Keep track of the number of words.


Have a personality

It’s okay to have a personality when writing the ‘About me’ page. It reflects who you are and your audience will feel connected to you. Treat your audience like your friend. Just be yourself.

Don’t just throw in facts, they want to be connected to you and know the real you. Facts alone do not persuade and your audience might get bored. Compared to the others, your ‘About me’ page may be too bland and dull. You are supposed to break the ice wall and not build another wall.

Make your website a window to your world, open the door and invite your audiences into your world. Share your passion, your ethos, and your values. Let them know what you believe in. Watch your tone of writing, avoid being too stern or formal. Be humorous, personable or bold.


Be the GPS

gpsMost of your audience may not know what to do next, after reading your ‘About me’ page. They will be like “What should I do next? Hmm, let’s watch a vine” Chances are, they will forget that your site exists.

Bring them to the destination that you desire. Show them the route. Keep them entertained. You want people to stick around when you have new updates. But how? Easy, just ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or your Twitter account or give a thumbs up on your Facebook page. Or even follow you on Instagram.

Personalities are unique and charming, so don’t be afraid to stay authentic. Translating your persona into words can be super hard, but here’s how you can make your text appear as awesome as you are



1419024Throwing it back to 2 weeks ago, I still the little high school girl with no idea what the Techy Hub do. Purposely making my bag appear big but in reality there’s only 3 papers, my pencil box and my bottle in it. (trying hard to look like I’m ready). With the initial thought that all offices are like a honeycomb with superiors sitting in their respective solidary cube. I thought I will be confined to my little cubic space.

Pushing open the door, the Techy Hub was nothing like what I imagined, it looked exactly like the pictures online (duh).

Compared to the other offices, the Techy Hub is more relaxed and laid back. To my surprise, the resting area has bean bags and a comfy sofa. Anytime when we feel tired and drowsy, we can just change our workplace and move there to work. How nice is that!!


During my brief stay in the Techy Hub, I was given the opportunity to learn about digital marketing. Coming in as an Art student, I had the basic coverage about marketing. Marketing involves the advertising process which is no longer just giving out pamphlets, TV adverts or leaflets but now it involves taking in the help of social media such as a blog. Taking it up a notch, we optimize our blog posts to ensure that our website is available for the world to access through SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows us to rank for a certain keyword. Did you know that you can earn money for the rankings!!1538344

Writing a blog is not as easy as I thought. It’s more than just typing, editing and posting. There’s more than that involved. Before posting my article, I have to make sure that the readability is lighted green. Like a traffic light, red means stop don’t post; yellow means it’s not good but not bad. This ensures that the article is pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. Next, it’s the SEO optimization part. I have a brief idea on what it is but I was not experienced enough to do it so I passed it to the expert, Tricia.

Holding open a door of curiosity, I learnt content writing. Sure, you might say, it’s just writing, anyone is capable of doing it. But, writing to advertise has lot of hidden tactics. You have write to provoke the consumers and viewers. It’s like playing with alphabets and forming words that make your product appear exclusive and make your potential customers feel like they need to have it.


all kinds of foodEveryone’s daily struggle: where to eat?

Lunch, my favorite time of the day. Partially because of the food but it was also the only time where everyone sit together and talk. Stepping away from our computers and enjoy our delicious meals. The first few days, I was still quite reluctant and shy to start a conversation with them but now we talk every day. We can talk about just anything, sharing experiences or just some random funny Facebook posts. Laughter is never absent with them.



It’s true how Time waits for no one. When you are enjoying yourself, time always race like a jet. In a blink of an eye, 2 weeks is already coming to an end. It’s time to say goodbye to this place. It’s time to switch back to my original high school routine… Today is the last day that I will be walking down the stairs from the Techy Hub. Bringing sweet memories and all the knowledge I gained home, I will never forget my wonderful experience here! It’s time to go back to the familiar building where I call school and leave the office of the Techy Hub…

A Different Working Environment

Art Printing Works

art printing works building

Down the memory lane, APW (Art Printing Works) was not just merely another commercial letterpress establishment.  Specialising in printing hardcover books, the industrial plant is dilapidated by the advancement of technologies. Rich in history, APW couldn’t just close down now.

The Origin

Dating back to the 18th centuries, The Royal Press was in its heyday. Fame was in its favor until the Japanese came about, endeavoring to devour the whole of Tanah Melayu. The Royal Press had to closed down because of that. The original store was no longer in existence, but the business is still in the heart of Ee Lay Swee, who then later opened a store that lasted till this very day.

Royal Press withstood the dilapidation of time, but technologies were not kind to them. By 2000, the business was in neglect as it was not seen as appealing to the newer generation.

Ee Soon Wei took the bold initiative to improvise the authentic industrial printing area into something new. Holding onto the family’s legacy, the common trading area is no longer just the home of ink and papers. Instead, it’s the campus for all creativity to take place.



office space
Above the factory is the large space for juvenile entrepreneurs to interact with the other creative outdoor washroom area
individuals from different fields like graphic designs, architecture, programming and many more. With the exposure of natural light and green plants around that space, you will feel more focused.

The modern layout and design of Uppercase allow inspiration to take place. Every now and then, Uppercase tenants organize events to share their passion and teach a skill or two. Bean bags lying around waiting for us to take a seat, bringing us comfort and relaxation while we work.

An arcade at the corner, tempting us to take a break and have some fun. A rooftop terrace with plenty of natural light, totally insta-worthy. Even the toilet is looking modern and waiting for us to utilize it. Stayed here the whole day, starting to smell a bit like gym socks? Keep your cologne or deodorant and head to the shower prepared for you.


#Brown bag Friday

man presenting with silly picture on screen

Grace organized a small section to gather the community members. It was just a little session that gathers the members for a chat. This is the time where everyone has a chance to share their passion, experiences, and views. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This short session enables us to solve the member’s problems and share our ideas. Maybe our ideas might just be the exact solution to the hitch that he is facing. On the 28th of October, Daecan Tee from Pow Ideas shared about the importance of the prototyping culture.



Pulp by Papa Palheta, a safe haven for all caffeine lovers. From afar, the smell of fresh pastries and rich aroma permeate the air. Bringing joy and vitality to those who needed a boost to get through the hardships of work. From the surface, Pulp looks just like another coffee shop around the corner.

In the heart of the store is the eagerness to spread the art of brewing. It’s not only a coffee shop that bakes and brew but also a café that supplies the appliances to hash a fresh coffee. The tricks and tips to a mildly acidic coffee can be attained here as you embark on your journey to becoming a coffee apprentice.

Not only that, Pulp is also the supplier of aromatic roasted beans at both retail and commercial levels.


The Breakfast Thieves

rustic breakfast place with plants around

The Breakfast Thieves, founded in 2012 in Melbourne, the co-founders decided to return home to bring their delicacies to their homeland. Introducing the fusion treat that incorporates Australian and Asian taste buds. Being listed as one of the top 5 cafés in Melbourne, they decided to bring their legacy home. The mouth-watering dishes that they prepared will make you drool!


A Place Where (APW)

A workplace is not always a single cube that we are all confined to work in. In APW, it’s versatile and fun. With the F&B outlets available, you will never have to worry about where to eat. You can choose where to sit, and every day you will have new interactions. A Place Where you can work and play.

The Beginning – First Day of Internship

My First Dayintern smiling at her computer at work

The sun was smiling behind the dark clouds, but all was well except…the traffic. Staring out of dad’s car window, blazing red light lit up every cars backside. After an intense battling with the traffic, Waze finally announced my arrival at The Techy Hub. “You have reached your destination,” right on time.  I was greeted by three really friendly members of the The Techy Hub team.

The First Task

Woman writing list of tasks to do, close-up of handI received my first task from Tricia, our supervisor. We were given videos that are related to what we will be doing for the next two weeks. It was informative videos that provide us with a deeper depth on marketing. Being an Art student in school, I was exposed to Business Studies that covered a brief foundation on marketing. So, I know what the speaker is talking about. Marketing is not just about selling the product, but there are layers and layers of planning, advertising and many more processes involved. It’s like baking, in a way.

Next, we met Soon Seng who showed us around and explained to us what do they do in The Techy Hub. Right away, we were given tasks to carry out for the next few days. I’m assigned to design an infographic (an animated video) to promote a UK based website called PLABable. Still a newbie in digital marketing, I took my chance to do learn. Introduced to a step by step, user-friendly animation creating app, Animaker, for the first time in my life, I created digital animation! It was pretty cool and an achievement to me.

Taking small baby steps, we have a lot to learn and gain from this experience.

Work Experience Programme (WEP)

girl thinkingWork Experience Programme 2016 at Wesley Methodist School is aiming to allow us to have the opportunity to be exposed to knowledge, skills and responsibilities that can be obtained out of the four walls of a classroom and thick, heavy books that are brought to only be memorised.

Why The Techy Hub and not in other workplaces? Working is not easy; it’s an entirely different daily routine compared to our typical student’s daily exposure. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as not all student are given a chance to intern at the age 16.

The reason why I chose The Techy Hub instead of eateries, it’s because I like writing, specifically short story writing. In the future, even when we go overseas, we will still have the chance to work in restaurants and cafes. But rarely, companies will be willing to take a 16-year-old to be an intern for just two short weeks. Surely, working in cafes, we’ll be able to learn how to communicate and delegate our jobs, but in The Techy Hub I will learn so much more. For example, I learned digital infographic designing today.

The Future

teacher teaching kids16, age to start thinking about the future and our ambition. Planning for the future is like foretelling when the apocalypse will come. Only the future knows the many secrets. To me, thinking about my aspirations is almost impossible. Deciding on what I want to do in the future is like chasing a Ferrari with a Proton Saga. From being a teacher to being a Masterchef Winner after watching Gordon Ramsay cook, until now I’m still searching. That’s one of the reasons why I chose The Techy Hub. I’m opening doors to new possibilities, maybe one day I will find my own Narnia. I might see where my passion lies and start pinpointing my goals and work towards achieving them.

It’s still the 1st day, and I’m still a sprout in the soil waiting to grow into a tree. Two weeks is not long, and it’s probably the shortest internship time span, but that’s not a problem. I will absorb as much ‘nutrients’ as possible.

“The best way to predict the Future is to Create it”- Peter Drucker

Potted Geraniums

Check out The Internship here

Uppercase: A Collaborative Workspace for a Community of Creators

The Techy Hub temporarily relocated for a day to Uppercase. It is located amidst the familiar city hustle in the heart of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The trendy, conducive workspace helped rid of any symptoms of Monday Blue’s for us.

We were seated at the main area, where there were long tables and swivel chairs amidst patches of sun. The open concept allowed for us to discuss ideas or where to eat lunch while getting work done. It is a comfortable space where we don’t have to isolate ourselves and our work until it is time for a group meeting. It is a comfortable space where there is no isolation between ourselves and our work. We can move about, stretch, talk – all contributing positively to our thinking process.


Need a break?

We’re spoilt for choice here, from playing a round of Street Fighter II to relaxing in bean bags. What’s more,  you can enjoy the sunshine and good view from the roof terrace for a toilet break! Now that is sufficient to keep us energised for the work ahead.

The place is fresh and stimulating: exactly what a healthy workplace should be.




The energy at Uppercase can definitely be identified as different, compared to when working at previous working spaces, as concluded by the project coordinators of a special Bicycle Map Project deriving from a link between Studio 25 and Think City, who have been working at Uppercase for around a month. In their opinion, the space acts as a catalyst for discussion and collaboration – solving problems and feeding curiosities. When asked to name a few things that made working here awesome, the coffee machine was branded as a plus side of working here. I have to admit: the scent of brewing coffee does improve working conditions by a significant percentage for me too.

For those interested in getting a new office space or a place to collaborate with, have a look at uppercase. You can check them out at

Internship Season 4 Begins

So season 3 internship just completed their journey two weeks back and we have begin the next batch of interns. Thanks to our previous intern Kimberly for introducing, of course! Kam Wai from Taylor’s college Hartamas and his good buddy Tian Sheng.  They have been here for two weeks, and here’s what they have to say:-


I started up with this internship program when I realized that I have some free time before my university intake. I think these few months provide a good time for me to learn new skills. Due to the competitive world we live in now, it’s important to learn some different skills to make ourselves stand out better. 

I learnt about this internship from my friend. This internship is carried out by The Techy Hub and it lasts for 3 months. My internship is mainly about programming. We start everything from the basic, from simple coding language until the building of a complex website. Since the first few weeks, we learnt a lot of things from the video tutorials and the web-developing website. Besides, we know how to construct a simple webpage after learning for one to two weeks. I believe that programming skill is very essential especially to future engineering students. This is because engineers will definitely have to deal with programming during the production of items. Not only that, we will also have to help the company to complete the websites with sufficient information. I learnt to be more productive and resourceful, to solve problems even in a limited amount of time.

– Kam Wai –


After finishing my STPM exams, I was left with a long break before furthering my studies in chemical engineering. I wanted to use my time wisely and productively, rather than just playing games at home all day. After my previous job, I yearned for something more than just keying in data. After months of searching, a friend of mine recommended this internship program, needless to say I jumped at the opportunity.

Now, I had no experience with coding whatsoever. However, the internship at The Techy Hub provided me with the perfect opportunity to jump onto the programming bandwagon. It’s my second week in, and I’m learning more about the different programming language like HTML and JQuery every day. Initially, it was pretty challenging to pick up coding. After many trials and errors, I began to familiarise myself with the language. The techy experts are such great help too, always guiding us whenever we face difficulty. Occasionally even treating us to lunch!

Although I’ve only been an intern here for around 2 weeks, I’ve managed to learn so much and the learning curve just keeps increasing.

– Tian Sheng –

My Time at The Hub

time at the hub

By Kevin Ngoh

mr-techyThe internship programme provided me with the opportunity to learn and create, beginning with how to reskin an app and monetizing it. Over the past three months, I have reskinned an app from creating new characters to editing code. The end result is Mr. Techy, a single player game which involves the player avoiding obstacles in the way, including annoying bosses and spikes!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

In the beginning, it took some time to decide on a game to work on. After a week of analyzing applications on multiple sites, we decided on Down (The original name of the app). Initially, I told Soon Seng it would be a piece-of-cake to reskin this app. Oh boy, was I wrong.

It turns out the app that we bought was run on Unity. The game was a 3D-Modelling based game which made things hard as I had no knowledge in 3D-Modelling. To overcome that obstacle, I headed online and learned everything through tutorials as well as experimented with my own 3D models. I eventually created a whole set of my very own customized 3D models.

Due to Trademark, we couldn’t use the Star Wars theme for our game. Therefore, the Google PlayStore did not approve our game. Due to that issue, we had to come up with a whole new theme and create a new batch of characters. A whole months worth of planning and building had to be scrapped.

In the second attempt, I made new minimalistic characters, centering on the theme, “Mr.”, which I interpreted as “easy and simple”. Brainstorming for weeks made me realise that everyone wants things as simple as possible. Thus, I built models based on that idea! If you want to know what Mr. looks like, download the game! Upon finalizing the characters, I resolved other issues like background music and icons before finally posting the game.

Feel free to download the game from google app store. You guys can look for Mr. Techy or download it from this link

Trinity Children’s Centre

Trinity Children Centre houses around twenty children within an age range of four to sixteen. The kids are very energetic, releasing cheerful vibes all around them. More importantly, they are brimming with curiosity as to how and why this or that works.

Here’s a recap on what we did with them last Friday:

Upon completing their homework, the kids rushed to the computers to get started on their coding lesson. We had planned out a range of activities for them. We taught the kids on simple, interactive platforms such as Hour of Code, Made with Code and Lightbot.


Programming fun

The Star Wars feature on the Hour of Code allows for users to gain a little insight on how characters such as BB-8 and R2D2 move about in a galaxy far, far away. The users can direct the droids to move around in order to collect scrap metal or to defeat Rebel Pilots.

On the other hand, Lightbot challenges users to use programming logic to solve puzzles. This platform uses basic coding concepts to teach the children. The users have to guide the Lightbot to light up the tiles, in order to advance to the next level. 

Made with Code, by Google, featured Inside Out on their platform. Users can direct baby Riley around the toy blocks strewn across the floor or teenager Riley across the staircase railing. Each completed level is rewarded with a snippet of a scene they had just helped create, through coding. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.14.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.18.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.22.52 PM

All the activities provided the kids with an opportunity in learning how to sequence instructions, write procedures and utilise loops in this activity. We gave the kids instructions and brief explanations about the platforms. To no surprise, they were so capable to complete each level, scouring their brains to figure out which direction to take. Each level is completed with a grin of satisfaction, followed by a look of concentration as they begin the next task.

Upon finishing up their lesson, the kids were allowed to play classic games downloaded on an emulator such as Sonic, Bomberman, Super Mario and more. I’m sure some of us older ones are feeling nostalgic just by hearing these familiar names but age is just a number, right?

Find out more about Trinity Children’s Centre at

The Internship

The Workspace

With colourful bean bags and glass windows with inspirational quotes and creative ideas! The Techy Hub is definitely an unconventional yet a positive and comfortable place to work in. Plus, the access to the Xbox adds to the perks of working here!

You’ll often find the guys playing Counter-strike once they’ve gotten their work done.

   image (1) image
Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.15.51 PM

With a long break in between college and university, we, the interns, needed to make good use of our time. We have learned the fundamentals of programming, from variables and loops to Swift language and how to work Xcode, Android Studio and Unity. All this in our third week here! 

Aside from that, we have expanded our knowledge on social media marketing techniques; covering areas such as brand presence, high quality posts and social media analytics.

Lending a helping hand

Although we managed to work independently, the guidance from The Techy Hub experts were of help to us in developing our programming skills. The Techies gave us instructions and we followed. We began to work together, discovering new methods and ideas whilst learning from mistakes. Moreover, we learnt to ask intelligent questions and source for solutions through research. We also provided an opportunity to teach the children of Trinity Children’s Centre simple coding programs. In addition, The Techy Hub regularly services the computers at the centre.

Interning here provides a real world experience, which will be valuable in the future. The skills and knowledge which will be picked up at The Techy Hub gives us an edge in the competitive market for programming and networking, both a heavy influence on many modern businesses in today’s world.

We’ll also be posting regular updates on The Techy Hub Facebook page so be sure to look out for it!