Our Services

Web Design & Development

Our team of highly capable web developers and gifted web designers ensures interactive and responsive user interface as well as aesthetically delightful graphics. The Techy Hub transcribes our client’s visions and ideas to form a website that parallels the client’s brand to ensure that the transition from physical to digital is seamless.

E-commerce Website Development

The Techy Hub builds user friendly e-commerce websites that engages the audience into extended navigation, thus encouraging a higher percentage of conversions. The Techy Hub is able to translate your brand’s personality and goals into an online presence that mirrors the virtues of the brand’s physical presence. By having an e-commerce website in Malaysia, you are able to enlarge your reach while increasing the brand’s reputation and prominence.

Graphic Design

The Techy Hub embodies visual arts. We believe that visual arts direct us in such a way that other things can’t. It communicates and transcends across language and time in a glance. Telling stories and motivations through visuals, our passion delivers charming and thoughtful designs from logo designs, packaging, websites and print.

Company Logo Design

The Techy Hub has an impressive line-up of creative designers which will craft your company’s logo design. A brand’s logo showcases its characteristics and vision of the brand to instil instant recognition among the general public. We create unique, iconic and functional logos that are the face of a brand.


At The Techy Hub, we look to maximize the potential and talents of our team. Other than offering web design, we also provide print designs services to leave a memorable, physical and personal impression of your brand. Make impressions that count, from business cards and brochures to menus and catalogues. Our small team of imaginative and creative artists provides an exclusive service to cultivate an ideal end product for your brand.

Digital Marketing

SEO (search engine optimization)

Place your brand on top of the podium with our SEO campaign that will be able to position your brand or company on the top of the search engine results organically. The Techy Hub’s digital marketing team provides expert SEO services here in Malaysia, which increases brand awareness organically through keyword optimization as well as the inclusion of creative content. Our SEO service targets a specific niche on search engines and social media which in turn, promotes a higher conversion for your products and services.


Online marketing is constantly evolving, and so are our digital marketing gurus. With Paid Search Advertising, we are capable of placing your ad on the top of the search page for instant and maximum visibility. You will have full control of your budget, where your Ads appear and keywords to assure your Ads show to your intended audience. The Techy Hub also analyses and optimizes ad performance to reduce Ad fatigue. With The Techy Hub, you will achieve the maximum visibility and ROI within your budget.

Social Media

With most of the first world population on social media, a strong social media presence should be a part of your arsenal. However, even with strong content, your hard work may be drowned out by the sea of information. By optimizing your social media content for the most effective and efficient reach, The Techy Hub can sail your content into your targeted audience to increase conversions and ROI.