The Techy Hub are now Google Partners!

by thetechyhub at September 20, 2016

If you haven’t already heard, The Techy Hub are now Google partners!

Here’s the story. Our marketing guy, Kur Win and the rest of the team thought it would be a good idea for us to be certified and officially be partners with Google. It took a few days of studying, and two exams later, it’s official! We can now proudly advertise this badge for our services!

Google partners certification badge

So what does it mean to be a Google Partner?

Google Partners is a program offered by Google to advertising firms, digital marketing executives, and Internet consultants managing AdWords accounts. A marketing firm with a Google Partners badge is apparently proficient at Google AdWords related skills and services. For a client, there are several benefits to working with a Google AdWords Partner. Let’s look at how this accreditation works in favour of the client. However, before that, let us talk in brief about what credentials we need to become a Google Partner.

Intro to Google Partner Certification

Google does not partner with any and every marketing agency that expresses interest. There are certain stipulations and qualities the applicant must possess to impress Google and get on-board. If a company has managed to join hands with Google, with respect to the AdWords program, then it’s certain that the company has had a record of happy customers, a healthy business model, and strictly adhered to the best practices of Google.

Typically, the firm should have proved their ability to manage a sizeable advertising dollars portfolio per month. Second, the agency should exhibit that all the advertising campaigns are accurately set up and optimized. Third, the agency should be Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified.

Let’s now consider the benefits of working with a Google Partner agency.

Google office showing the google partners sign with an arrow pointing people towards the entrance

Skilled Workforce

A Google Partner firm should mandatorily have certified account managers and analysts overseeing clients’ AdWords accounts. This means a certain level of quality, as recommended by Google, is rest assured when working with such certified firms. The qualified staff members are well-aware of the various features of AdWords and how to make use of them for your benefits.

On the surface, Google AdWords may seem like a fairly straightforward tool with basic functionalities. However, not all AdWords users realize the true potential and the hidden features of the system. Trying to learn the tool in detail would need some serious time and commitment. Some of the AdWords features not many clients would know include Sitelink Extensions, Negative Keywords, and Shopping Ads.

Ongoing Monitoring

Google’s partnership with the marketing agency not just ends with the certification. In fact, Google gets hard at work only once it has bestowed the Partners badge to a firm or agency. The Mountain View, California-based firm continuously monitors its partners to ensure they are strictly adhering to Google Partners guidelines. If a Google Partner falters in quality or dares to get a bit complacent, it risks itself from being stripped from the prestigious Google badge.

As a result, a Google Partner firm will have to maintain work quality throughout the tenure of its alliance with Google. Recognition from Google is serious business and the certified firms have to constantly remind themselves of the same. For clients, this is good news since they know any sub-par work by the certified agency would be taken note of by Google.

New Features and Updates

A screenshot of google adwords platformGeneral marketing techniques and trends are changing constantly, which makes it imperative for businesses to stay abreast with the changes. Google is a company that believes in continuous improvement and innovation too. It’s AdWords program is a reflection of that approach. The company frequently dishes out updates and beta features for its AdWords tool in the attempt to make it better than ever before. As a regular user of the tool, you may have a hard time deciphering what these updates are and how they’ll help your cause.

A certified Google Partner, on the other hand, can handle such new features with aplomb. They’re constantly at work with the tools and are always up to date. Also, they work with Google directly so that they have access to beta programs, trainings, and fresh product updates. With such exposure to the platform, it’s natural for the agency to have unearthed the tips and tricks that’ll be advantageous to the clients.

They’ll make sure they add the new features to your campaign so that you stay ahead of the competition at all times. And if in case the Partner is not too sure about how a particular feature works or lends to the betterment of AdWords, the partnering firm can always get in touch with Google representatives and get a solution. Generally, certified firms get their answers about queries much quicker than if we compare to agencies without the certification.

So there you have it! Let me put it this way. It’s like having a Degree in Google Adwords. You wouldn’t want to hire someone without the right qualifications would you?

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