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Who Are The Techies Episode 2

by thetechyhub at February 13, 2018

Gather around good folks because we’re back with another episode of Who Are The Techies! This week we have with us Patricia, Michelle and Aimen!

Patricia Wong

Here’s Patricia!

Patricia is our—wait for it—Junior Front End Web Developer extraordinaire! What a mouth full. Patricia was discovered in one of those cool movie methods.  She was discovered at her graduate showcase. Soon Seng attended her showcase but they did not exactly meet there. Instead, Soon Seng personally contacted her and they video chatted and she ended up taking the job offer to work here. Fun fact: This is her first job! She likes how everyone in The Techy Hub is friendly and how we all go out for lunch together—we really do!

She describes herself to be quiet and shy but she’s our go-to person when looking for recommendations for the latest k-dramas to watch! When she’s not busy catching up on her k-dramas, she likes to sleep. Don’t we all, really? If she could have any superpowers, she’d want to be able to teleport because you could go anywhere you wanted to (and also because of the amazing airfares).

Her goal is so simple yet understandable. And that is to be able to retire young and to enjoy her life travelling, eating and maybe catching up on the never-ending list of Korean dramas!

Michelle Ng

This cheery, always-smiling and joyful girl is Michelle.

Amongst other words that describe her are serene, positive, and cheerful. She was recruited by Soon Seng as the Junior Art Director Michelle during her final year of university. Michelle, once an intern, has become one of the first Techies here. Just like our Art Director, Kah Yan, Michelle’s most memorable experience here was preparing for the Inkredible sales day. She said it was because she had the chance to try out new things and learned a lot. We are glad that she enjoyed going out of her comfort zone to prepare for something very different.

Michelle likes going on adventures to different places and exploring the world one place at a time. It’s no wonder her favourite movie is Jumanji! The one thing that she dreams of doing is to one day get the chance to travel around Europe. To learn about the culture and to experience life in a different place. Adventure!

Her goals? To learn beyond what she already knows and her dream is to someday start her own fashion brand. Michelle, don’t forget us when you’re famous!

Aimen Sasi

Aimen here is our Back End Developer from Libya. He first came to Malaysia five years ago when he decided to tag along with his father who was coming here for work. Needless to say, Aimen really liked it here so he decided to stay. He has a big heart for Malaysia and has an even bigger heart for programming (spoiler alert—he’s really good at it).

He was introduced to Soon Seng by a friend he had met at boot camp and that’s how he started working at The Techy Hub. He chose to work here because it gave him the opportunity to gain experience at coding, expose himself to real life application and improve his problem-solving skills. His most memorable experience was working with his first company called MoneyMatch, he’s proud to be one of the pioneers for what it is now.

The three words he’d use to describe himself are shy, fast-learner, and problem-solver. If there is any one language that he learns really fast, it would be the coding and programming language. While he’s not coding the next greatest app, he’s at home catching up the latest tv series. Aimen’s goal in the future is to be part of something big. Something that can help change the world. What a stand up guy!