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Who Are The Techies Ep. 1

by thetechyhub at February 2, 2018

Hello good folks! Ever wondered what kind of people our Techies are? Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity with our new mini-series called—drum roll, please—Who Are The Techies! This mini-series will consist of three parts in which we’ve written a little about our Techies; their goals for the future, what they like about working at The Techy Hub, etc.

On this week’s episode of Who Are The Techies, we have Young Wei, Kah Yan, and Kur Win!

Low Young Wei

Young Wei here is our trusty accountant who’s an OG at The Techy Hub and started way back in 2016 with Kyle and Soon Seng. He was in an accounting firm for two years prior to working at The Techy Hub. He said that the environment in the office is nice and likes how everyone is close to each other. He also enjoys the freedom and how there is no need for formalities when speaking to one another; everyone talks to each other in a relaxed manner and we joke around (like a lot).

Young Wei likes dogs but he owns both a cat and dog! And yes, they do get along; we asked. His hobbies include sleeping and playing football. But of course, he never sleeps in the office! Nor does he play football here.

His current favourite movie is The Greatest Showman, he said it’s really good. If he won the lottery he’d invest some of the money and use some to travel. His goals for the future is to start a family.  

Kah Yan Lim 

Kah Yan studied Advertising & Design and decided to join The Techy Hub because the digital industry is new to her and she wanted to try her hand at it. Our Art Director describes herself as cheerful, short, and fun! Her most memorable memory while working here was the Inkredible sales day, she enjoyed helping prepare the office for it.

Something not many people know about her is that she likes to sing and swim. She’s very much an outdoorsy person preferring to be out and about rather than watching videos online like most of us do. She likes dogs and used to own one but couldn’t properly care for it so she chose to, sadly, give it away. *sobs*

Kah Yan is a talented artist and one of her wishes is for more people to see her artwork. You can check out her artwork on her Instagram: kikiyaya_

Lau Kur Win

Here’s our Marketing Man, Kur Win! He decided to join The Techy Hub to gain experience with websites and more types of niches, he said it really helps to know more about a client’s website. What’s his most memorable moment working here you ask? Well, it’s when he was surprised on his birthday! He said there have been many funny moments since we always have a good time in the office. When asked to describe himself in three words he said ‘I don’t know’.

He likes reading non-fiction books in his downtime, he likes to learn from them. His hobbies include reading, of course, and playing football. If he were to win the lottery most of the money would go into investments ‘as any smart person would do’, and the other portion would go into traveling and getting good food. One of his favourite movies is Gladiator, he said it was ‘good’.

His dream? To leave the interview…