Who Are The Techies Ep. 1

Hello good folks! Ever wondered what kind of people our Techies are? Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity with our new mini-series called—drum roll, please—Who Are The Techies! This mini-series will consist of three parts in which we’ve written a little about our Techies; their goals for the future, what they like about working at The Techy Hub, etc.

On this week’s episode of Who Are The Techies, we have Young Wei, Kah Yan, and Kur Win!

Low Young Wei

Young Wei here is our trusty accountant who’s an OG at The Techy Hub and started way back in 2016 with Kyle and Soon Seng. He was in an accounting firm for two years prior to working at The Techy Hub. He said that the environment in the office is nice and likes how everyone is close to each other. He also enjoys the freedom and how there is no need for formalities when speaking to one another; everyone talks to each other in a relaxed manner and we joke around (like a lot).

Young Wei likes dogs but he owns both a cat and dog! And yes, they do get along; we asked. His hobbies include sleeping and playing football. But of course, he never sleeps in the office! Nor does he play football here.

His current favourite movie is The Greatest Showman, he said it’s really good. If he won the lottery he’d invest some of the money and use some to travel. His goals for the future is to start a family.  

Kah Yan Lim 

Kah Yan studied Advertising & Design and decided to join The Techy Hub because the digital industry is new to her and she wanted to try her hand at it. Our Art Director describes herself as cheerful, short, and fun! Her most memorable memory while working here was the Inkredible sales day, she enjoyed helping prepare the office for it.

Something not many people know about her is that she likes to sing and swim. She’s very much an outdoorsy person preferring to be out and about rather than watching videos online like most of us do. She likes dogs and used to own one but couldn’t properly care for it so she chose to, sadly, give it away. *sobs*

Kah Yan is a talented artist and one of her wishes is for more people to see her artwork. You can check out her artwork on her Instagram: kikiyaya_

Lau Kur Win

Here’s our Marketing Man, Kur Win! He decided to join The Techy Hub to gain experience with websites and more types of niches, he said it really helps to know more about a client’s website. What’s his most memorable moment working here you ask? Well, it’s when he was surprised on his birthday! He said there have been many funny moments since we always have a good time in the office. When asked to describe himself in three words he said ‘I don’t know’.

He likes reading non-fiction books in his downtime, he likes to learn from them. His hobbies include reading, of course, and playing football. If he were to win the lottery most of the money would go into investments ‘as any smart person would do’, and the other portion would go into traveling and getting good food. One of his favourite movies is Gladiator, he said it was ‘good’.

His dream? To leave the interview…

Bad Genius: Knowledge for Success

(Warning: This post contains some spoilers for the movie).

Knowledge is defined as the skills and information that is gained through experience or education. There are endless things in the world that we can fill our minds with. We can explore the world and use what we have learned to make daily tasks more interesting or easier. It is essentially one of the greatest tools for success when used right.

We see much of this show by Lynn in the movie, Bad Genius.

Just in case you haven’t watched the movie. Here is a very short summary of the movie:

Lynn is a genius in her studies. She initially gave answers to her friend, Grace, during a test. She then gets roped into a whole scheme of charging students to help them cheat in their exams. It eventually reaches the level of an internationally standardized entry exams called the STIC exams (something like the SATs) where she makes millions.

In other words, Lynn uses her brains to earn money.

Now, while most of us want to become millionaires, we do not encourage or condone the act of cheating to do so. However, we have plucked out some nuggets from the movie which we want to share with you.

1) Knowledge Trumps All

Home of knowledge, the library

The British Library: Second largest library in the world (Picture Credit: The Malaysian Times)

Remember those days of trying to squeeze a semester or a years’ worth of information in a day before exams? I’m sure that most of us have. At some point you probably said “why do I need to learn how to calculate x(2x – 5) = 2x – 1”, and then you realized you needed it to become an engineer, a researcher or a pilot.

But enough of conventional reasoning (at least to me). We know that to become a doctor you need to know biology and to become a lawyer, you need to study law.

But let us look at something different, cooking. Contestants on MasterChef are often presented with very common ingredients like potatoes. Each contestant somehow comes up with unique dishes while we sit at home thinking of frying them into French fries. Not forgetting that none of them are professional chefs.

Expanding your knowledge allows you to create many opportunities and advantages. Just like Lynn, she started with knowledge based on academics and learned how to run a business (sort off). You and I may not become the best at one thing but there is a quote which I find really powerful. That is:

“Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

2) The Smarter You Are, The More Shots You Call

Leaders of Star Wars

Princess Leia: One of the top rebel leaders in Star Wars. (Picture Credit: The Daily Mail UK)

Remember how you thought “nerds” were always at the mercy of “bullies” in high school? Well, that is the total opposite in the working world. As commonly quoted, knowledge is definitely power. It is even recognized and thought as one of the main sources of power in management studies (Expert Power).

However, do not fully assume that all smart people are guaranteed success and power in life. Having knowledge is one thing, applying it is a whole different topic.

Anyway, as someone new or a fresh grad in a company, you often start at the more basic ranks in a company. From there you work your way up and you learn things. As you learn things (and work hard), you slowly find yourself becoming a leader. So long as you have people working for you, you are a “leader”.

At this point, you are looked up to as a leader because you know what to do, when to do something and some best practices. You can share all you’ve learned with your juniors and know how to do it because you were once in their shoes.

In the case of Lynn, she knew what the people wanted and she knew how to use that to her advantage. She knew students needed answers and she knew Bank needed the money. So she leveraged on that to earn money.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. In a business, knowing and keeping up with societal trends, expectations, and wants can help a company grow. You give the people what they want, you build up your reputation and you grow.

3. Keep Calm and Think

Breath and then think (Picture Credits: HundredMelanie on Deviant Art)

You feel an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, breathlessness, and franticness. Then suddenly you see your life flash before your eyes! (Too much drama). These are all common symptoms of stress.

When you are stressed out, everything seems like it is out of control. You will not be able to focus and that is when you struggle.

Imagine having to complete a task for your colleagues in 30 minutes but have to do it discreetly while your boss walks around. That is what Lynn did. With what time she had left, she did her best to stay calm. She finished up the second exam paper set and got the answers to her “friends” just in time.

Imagine if she had lost her cool and went berserk. She would not have finished the task. Life is often full of stressful situations. How you and I choose to react to it makes a world of difference. If you can collect your thoughts, you can overcome those situations.

Some tips to help you would be to get enough rest (whether at night or in between tasks) and to remember to breathe properly.

Here are some really helpful tips to help you cope with stressful situations.

4) Knowledge is a Game of Business

Evolution of Phones as a result of increased knowledge and evolving technology

The Evolution of Phones (Picture Credit: Easy Technology Now)

I want you to take a few seconds to focus your attention on the device you are looking at right now (your phone or pc). Now think about how you can access the internet and do so many other things. Finally, think about how many different companies have basically earned money from you.

Most people would always think of ways to earn money. In Bad Genius, Lynn saw an opportunity to make money off helping others cheat.  She knew what they wanted, and she found a way to deliver it (from flying to Australia, texting in toilets and making fake puke).

The world we live in revolves around knowledge. We read, we learn, we experience and then we develop (well some people do). On your phone, you are already unconsciously supporting a whole bunch of companies. From your telco provider, internet service provider, companies advertising through games or YouTube videos and so on.

All these companies were started by someone (or a few of them) who had an idea. They had a lightbulb moment and then they researched and developed something. And now they are making money off you or the products and services you use.

How many of us really thought it’d be possible to make face-scanning a feature to unlock a phone? Or even simpler, designing a mechanical pencil with weights in it (a “shaker”) would make a world of a difference when people used it.

A little bit of interest and knowledge somewhere could lead to something new. I personally love going back to food the industry. At how something small like adding coloring to food inspired interesting creations like the rainbow grilled cheese sandwich (which was a thing at some point).

New ideas can be born from even the most basic of knowledge in something.

Concluding Thoughts

Once again, knowledge is important. It can be hard to find inspiration now but do not be discouraged. Life is an eternal journey of learning. You might find something that inspires you along the way. You might even become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.

Never stop learning, and never feel disheartened if someone claims to know more than you. We each have different interests, but should not limit our learning to that one area. Go explore the world (or the internet) and discover new things. Knowledge is not limited to anyone.

I conclude with this one key message to everyone out there:

You should keep learning new things and expand your knowledge. Find something that you are truly passionate about or are inspired by and work more on that. Leverage your personal interests and knowledge and grow!

All the best in your future, dear reader.

Vision 2018

A new year is a new chance to do better. 2017 was a rocky year riddled obstacles, but we at The Techy Hub are onto bigger and better things this year. Our first change of the year was moving from Web development to App development, and there will be more changes to come.

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all that I can?”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Personal growth; we all know how important it is. But just how exactly does an employee’s personal growth benefit the company? We’ll tell you how!

As the people inside a company grow, so does the company itself. We encourage the concept of work hard, play hard; Techies are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between our work life and personal life as we believe it will help with personal development. As we better and groom ourselves to be stronger by honing our skills, it benefits the company as well.

Also, our senior Techies will be taking the junior Techies under their wings and guiding them through this maze we call our job. This is no easy task but what better way to teach new Techies than by showering them with our wisdom.

“Never venture, never win!”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

We all love new things, don’t we? Which is why we’re looking to introduce new concepts and bring new trends to the table. For example, cryptocurrency is something we might be dipping our toes into. On the creative aspect of things, we’re going to try out some new designs for websites and apps. What kinds of designs, you ask? Why don’t you contact us to find out!

“We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Another step towards improvement will be by reaching out to more bloggers for content writing. Who better to go to than experts like bloggers? They know what works and what doesn’t, we hope to pick up on some of their tips and tricks.

“Great results, can be achieved with small forces.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As we talked about in this post, we have an appetite for knowledge; specifically in technology. In order to sate our appetite, we’d like to collaborate with other companies and learn from them. Having leverage over another company’s clients is also a plus point! We’re also looking to form strategic partnerships and barter in terms of services.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we’re looking to try out new things and expand our knowledge in order to build ourselves up. 2018 will be a year for us to scale to new heights and build our team. With our heads facing front, we’re looking forward to what the future brings us.

An Appetite for Knowledge in Technology

When doing a thousand piece puzzle, you match one piece to another perfectly and now you only have another 998 pieces to go, great! Our knowledge of technology is almost exactly the same. The only difference is that there are more than 998 different things to learn. In fact, technology evolves so fast that it can seem like an impossible task to keep up with it all. You finally buy yourself an iPhone 6 and in the blink of an eye, the iPhone X is released and your phone and its features seem obsolete.

The reality is that technology surrounds us and we surround ourselves with technology. So many babies are already born with phones in their faces, the sea of knowledge is readily available online and other things like cameras, cars, watches and endless other things are evolving. “But I don’t think it’s important to keep up with technology because I’m happy with what I have,” you tell yourself. Denying it would be like denying the fact that we grow older each year.

As a company which embraces technology, we also acknowledge that there is so much more to learn. One key reason that grows our appetites to learn more is that we look forward to growing as a company so we can meet the needs of our potential and current clients. We also want to help everyone in our company to grow.

But worry not, I shall share some reasons on why you should develop that appetite for knowledge in technology.

1. To Keep Up with the Age of Technology

Grandma discovering technology

The Struggle is Real (Picture Credit: ImgFlip)

As mentioned earlier, there are already too many things to learn about technology and it will still continue to evolve and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. For most of us, trying to keep up with every single thing may be too overwhelming and thus some of us may have thrown in the towel. Pick that towel up because it is now the age of technology and we should not give up!

However, one should not give up that easily as falling behind in this world of technology could lead to a whole series of problems we would not want to deal with. For example, most jobs today require people to know the basics of using a computer and Microsoft office tools which some people do not even know how to use. So the better your knowledge in using these tools, the high chance you have of getting employed. Read more about it here.

Here at the Techy Hub, something that we do is that we are trying to keep up with the demands and the times. We have spent the past couple of months going back to the books and embracing as much knowledge as we can in moving from web to app development.

We have relooked at the way each hybrid, native and web apps work. Now we want to focus on growing by using our knowledge on app development to grow as a company. You can read more about the different apps here.

You could start by just knowing more about the things you own such as your phone and laptops. Over time they can really provide other benefits such as conversation topics with others, potential subject of interest to pursue in future, free knowledge, being more updated on times and a better understanding of the things you own (which could help you save money) and many other things. 

2. Technology Helps us Stay Ahead of Others

Internet Sensation

Youtube Star Logan Paul (Photo Credit: Daily Beast)

Logan Paul is one of the fastest rising stars of the internet. Despite the recent backlash he received over what he did in Japan, he is still a good example of getting ahead of the game. Logan (his personality aside) managed to utilize Vine (a popular video-sharing app by Twitter which has since been discontinued as of January 2017) and garnered so much fame and popularity which he brought over to YouTube and it has translated into his career and has become one of the most successful YouTubers in the world.

Here at The Techy Hub, we have monitored a trend and demand for one the most sought-after skills, App Development. By adapting to meet the demand for app development, we hope to improve our skill sets to become a developer for other companies.

We look to help other companies meet these trends. For example, most users use their phones to surf the internet. We seek to help companies transform their websites into mobile-friendly websites which could lead to a conversion.

One of the benefits of technology are the endless opportunities you can find if you try hard enough. Not all of us can be like Logan Paul and become a millionaire within years. But who knows, if you choose to learn more about technology, you could one day spot an opportunity and turn in to a millionaire within years as well!

3. Convenience and Communication

Communication evolution through technology

Links that Modern Communication (Picture Credit: Your Story)

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some examples of applications we use every day. One of the few things they have in common is that they make communication much easier. They give us the ability to connect and communicate with people all around the world.

Technology has also provided us with a means of added conveniences in not only communication but other aspects of our lives. For example, we can now do so many things online ranging from shopping to banking and even to get a bachelor’s degree as opposed to the traditional methods of having to taking a number at the bank or going through the sea of shops called a shopping mall.

Now, have you ever visited websites where it was almost impossible to navigate through? Or maybe the website was just so dull and not mobile friendly? Well, that is because some companies do not opt for responsive websites.

Responsive websites are sites that are optimized to fit your needs to view a website conveniently through your phones. That is one of the things we do here, we help companies develop modern, intriguing and mobile friend sites for people. Have a look at our portfolio for yourselves.

It does not take very much time learning all the simpler and ready-to-use aspects of technology such as phone applications or the internet in general. As humans, we always look for ways to make things easier and open up more time for ourselves. On that note, it is important to understand how to use these things and even how they work. There will definitely be a time in future where everything is digitalized and we will eventually need to learn and adapt to the change.

4. You Can’t Escape Technology

Grandparents and cameras

Give me one too! (Picture Credit: Mutually)

“What the heck?!” you say to yourself as you look at the picture above. Isn’t it funny that our grandparents (or even parents) who are already in their golden years are trying their best to grip certain aspects of technology? We all know this to be true, the world around us is evolving, even the older ones are forced to learn about it. Even more so for those who are still working. Once again, we cannot escape technology. And if you can’t beat it, join it!

The main point here is that, whether or not we like it, we will always be surrounded by technology. Be it computers, phone applications, televisions and even the fans in our houses, these are all parts of technology. For our own good, we should start now. Better late than never right?

Concluding Thoughts

There are perhaps more thought-provoking and deeper reasoning for why you should learn about technology but these are the simplest reasons I can give. There are so many other things we could all learn about technology. That is why I encourage you to at the very least, learn more about the technology that surrounds you.

Start small with understanding how to use your computer and phones better. Then slowly move on and read more about other tech related things. If you are interested in reading more about various aspects of technology, Google is just a few clicks away!

Why We Moved From Web to Apps

From Web to Apps, Why?

It’s been 3 years, we are moving from Web development to App development. We’re adding new services with App development being one of them!

As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

The Techy Hub is certainly not finished; in fact, we’ve just begun. We are able to adapt to new changes in the field, and it helps us stay relevant. Technology is ever evolving and we strive to evolve along with it, which is the main reason for this move.

According to Forbes, App developing is one of the top tech skills that’s in high demand for 2018. Mobile app downloads across iOS and Android hit nearly 25 billion in 2017, so this piece of news is not surprising. Therefore, we sincerely believe this move will enable us to broaden our client list which we’re very much looking forward to!

What Is A Mobile App?

First off, let’s get into what exactly is a mobile app; essentially, an app is a software you can download and access on a smartphone. As long as you own a smartphone, you probably use multiple apps in your daily life. For youngsters and older people alike, mobile apps have become an essential part of life; watching videos, social networking and even banking are all done via mobile apps. Downloading apps are as easy as ABC. Just head on over to the app store, a couple of taps and you’re good to go.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Nokia 6110 Snake was the first mobile app created?

The Main Options

Now that you have an idea of what a mobile app is, it’s time to talk about the options you have when developing it. There are three main options when it comes to mobile apps: responsive website, native apps and hybrid apps.

1. Responsive Website

A responsive website is essentially a mobile-friendly version of a website. Your website will look good on either a desktop or mobile browser. Non-responsive websites are sure to give the user a headache if they access it through a smartphone.

While this option seems like the simpler route, there are major drawbacks to it. The main one being that the user has to be constantly connected to wifi or using mobile data in order to access the website whereas both native and hybrid apps have the option to store information on the device itself, therefore not needing any network connectivity.

2. Native Apps

Native apps are designed to run only on specified mobile operating systems; a native app developed for iOS will not run on Android.

One of the biggest benefits of this option is that the app will run more smoothly. Since it’s designed to only run on a specified operating system, all the specs of that system have been accounted for. If you hire good developers—i.e. The Techy Hub—you most likely won’t be getting any complaints about the app being wonky, which is a definitely a bonus!

The drawback of this option is that if you should choose to make the app available on other devices, it’ll have to be redeveloped for other operating systems which makes it more time consuming and expensive.

3. Hybrid Apps

Unlike native apps, hybrid apps are designed to run on multiple operating systems. By using plugins, your app will still be able to access a phone’s native capabilities such as the camera.

A hybrid app will be able to run on different operating systems which means it’ll save money and time to develop—who doesn’t like that? Not that your users will really care but they shouldn’t be able to tell if the app is actually hybrid or native. Again, that’s only if you have good developers. *cough cough* The Techy Hub *cough*

However, for large-scale applications being on a hybrid can be a nightmare. Take Facebook, for example, they used to be a hybrid app but migrated to native. Mark Zuckerberg even said, “The biggest mistake we’ve made as a company was betting on HTML5 over native.” HTML5 is a code language that can be used to develop hybrid apps.

What Are The Benefits of An App?

So why should your company have an app? What’s the benefit of having an app rather than a website? Fret not, we’re here to tell you about them!

1. Performance

Looking for something on a website may take longer to load but apps are proven to be faster due to how they store information as mentioned before. This will help make the user’s job easier with a quick in and out of the app; everyone knows less frustration equals satisfied user.

2. New Demographic

While having an app can help with keeping existing customers interested in your company, it can also help pull in new customers of a younger demographic; namely, the younger tech-savvy generation.

3. Convenience

With people getting increasingly impatient nowadays, everyone wants things done as quickly as possible so needing to access a browser on a laptop or even their phones is usually seen as a hassle. So why go through all that trouble when an app is located right on your home screen? Needless to say, apps provide a lot more convenience, just one or two taps and you’re ready to go!

4. Customization

On the technical side of things, apps have even more to offer. One word—customization; for both your company and customers. From colors to the interface, an app can be designed any way your company sees fit. So much freedom! You can even add in options that allow the user to chat with a customer service representative.

On the user’s side, you can provide them with the option to customise the app to their liking by tuning it to their own preferences; for example, choosing what will appear on their homepage, tweaking the colors to the basic layout.

5. Serves As a Reminder

Seeing as how the app is something the user will see every time they unlock their phone, it can also serve as a constant reminder about your company which may prompt them to scroll through it to see what’s new. It’ll be like waving in their faces and saying ‘Hi, we’re still here!’.


We hope this post has helped you understand a little more about mobile apps; what they are and their benefits. Ultimately, the decision to develop an app depends on your company and the services it provides, but with almost everything in our world being digitized why not get ahead of the game by having an app? 

If you’re interested or would like to inquire more, feel free to contact us!

The Importance Of Keyword Research And How It Helps Businesses In Malaysia

by Comments Off on The Importance Of Keyword Research And How It Helps Businesses In Malaysia

More often than not we see that most take Keyword Research for granted, especially Malaysian Companies. And what happens is companies neglect keyword research when they set up an online ad on systems such as Adwords. This produces catastrophic results like poor Clickthrough rate (CTR) and high Bounce Rates for companies. 30% of  the world is on the net as shown here, don’t lose anymore.

This is akin to pouring money into something that will ultimately cost them in the long run. This article is aimed at anyone, that needs help with Keyword Research, why it’s important and how to improve it. Do Keyword Research right and it will definitely help bring you closer to your goal, whatever it is. Or look for us and we can help you or check out what else our company can do here.

Understand The Intent Of Your Viewers

The first piece of advice, Keyword Intent. It’s vital to understand what your viewers or customers want and what you have to offer to them. There are three general types of search query, Informational, Transactional and Navigational. Say you found this page, about Keyword Research and how it helps on Google’s Search Results, then your search query is an informational one.

For the sake of convenience, we will only focus on Transactional Search Queries since it’ considered a high-value intent. They are the ones that bring instant immediate profit to your company through the selling of your goods online. The other two queries are considered low intent since its informational or just a means to find something. They will probably help with brand image and recognition but they won’t be buying anytime soon.

An Example

So let’s say your companies sell foodstuff online, and purely is in the business of selling, not educating. So, in this case, the kind of keyword you should look for yourself are those of Transactional, not Informational. When creating your ad, aim for keywords such as “buy” or “Discounts”. This indicates that you are selling, not informing or educating a product and will lead potential buyers to your ad.

Sale,Cheap,Offers Search Queries

Dyson Sale,Cheap,Offers

Note how some brands place keywords like “Cheap” and “Offers” into their headings. This tells Google or other search engines and viewers that the sites are selling.

For other types such as Navigational and Informational, you have to imagine yourself as a visitor and how you would find what you think your visitors want. So the example for Navigational, it could be words like “login” or “home”. For Informational, it would be like “how-to” or ” why” or “reviews”. You’ll have to think of it yourself other variations. Mind you these are just the keywords that you add either to the front or back of your keywords. So a page like our “Our Work“, can be considered an Informational query that only appears when people look for it.

You still need to find your keyword. This just helps with filtering people that you did not target, if the visitor doesn’t intend to buy, don’t show them a Transactional ad to click. That just adds cost since you won’t get a sale and they won’t find what they are looking for. Check out Wordstream’s post for a more in-depth look at keyword intent here.

Finding Keywords That Leads To Sales

Now that we know how to filter visitors buying, researching or just being curious, we need keywords. This is where a lot of companies struggle. Most think that it’s simple, if I sell Sushi, then my keywords will all be Sushi with some variations. Close but not exactly, there’s a better, more efficient way than this and that’s by using tools such as Keyword Finder.

Generic terms, more often than not, will not lead to conversions such as sales or visits and therefore we need long-tail keywords to get them.Most users looking for generic terms might just be curious and usually do not lead to a conversion since they will be at the beginning of the conversion cycle.

Long-tail keywords are specific keywords that are more detailed and elaborate. And if visitors look for it, there’s a chance it could lead to conversion as the visitor has an objective in mind. This is because they are now further up the conversion cycle and is keen to buy, not just to look around anymore.

To use Keyword Finder, you’ll need a Google Analytics account and an Adwords account. Here are the links, straight from Google here and here. Anyways, look for the “Keyword Planner” tag within the tab that states “Tools” in Adwords and click on it. Setup the fields such as your site’s URL or whatever you are selling and click on the “Get Ideas” button. So, this will provide data such as recommended Cost Per Click (CPC) and Competition. The CPC is the recommended amount you should spend per visitor click and the Competition indicates how hot that keyword is. Competition only has three levels, Low, Medium and High. The higher the CPC and Competition, the more valuable it is to companies and businesses.

How it Works

For example, our Sushi shop is a physical one and you want to get customers in using ads online. So you use Adwords and through the Keyword Planner you typed in the keyword “Sushi Restaurant”. The results come in and you see that the keyword “Sushi Restaurant” has low Competition with a CPC of RM3.99. Not bad but this combination is troublesome as Google thinks each click is RM3.99 but the low competition indicates the chance visitors will head to your shop is low. If you do go along with this Keyword, I predict high impressions but no one will have the intention of going since they are at the beginning of the conversion cycle, they are just curious at this point.


So, taking a look at other ideas recommended by Google, we see results such as “Nearest Sushi Restaurant To Me”. It has a competition rating of Medium and the CPC or Recommended Bid is lower than that of the Keyword typed in. This is good, it means there’s a higher chance that this leads to a conversion, the visiting of your restaurant, and I’ll cost less than the default keyword.  Using the “Nearest Sushi Restaurant To Me” keyword will attract visitors that are at the end stages of the conversion cycle. It means they are actively looking for a Sushi shop to go to, thus converting in the cycle if they go.



So the key is to target Long-tail Keywords that have a higher chance of conversion at the expense of Impressions for sales. And aim for less focused keywords to get your brand out there with impressions at the cost of sales. Depends on what your goal is for your business. Just stay away from generic terms. For an extremely detailed breakdown of Long-tail Keywords, I recommend checking out Backlinko’s site to know more.


Adapting To What Your Customers Want

Alternatively, we let the keywords dictate what we create and what would sell. All we need to do is look for “Hot” keywords, so to say. The concept is simple, say we operate a cookie company and we are interested in making more variants of cookies to sell. But we have no idea what’s popular and what is not to customers, more traditional methods such as surveys are costly on a large scale so it’s not an option.

How We Do It

So what we can do is again, head to Keyword Planner. Entering in the item, in our case, “Cookie Flavour” into the product box, we can now find out what the most popular searches are through the “Competition” tab. Just click on the “Competition tab” until it is from High to Low ranking and there we go.  The highest competition ones indicate massive popularity and therefore we can possibly resolve the decision around it. Only thing is it means a lot of other companies are probably competing with the same type of product.


So if we use the example down below, we can see that the one flavour that pops up at the top is Oreos, and it has a high Competition rank, means its popular but there’s competition among other manufacturers trying to sell Oreo flavoured cookies.

Cookie_Ideas_3_ Alternatives

Alternatively, you can also check the “Average Monthly Searches”, again from high to low. This data might come in very handy, especially if the competition is low. This can be advantageous to us, as it tells us that visitors demands it but there no supply to fulfil it. This presents a chance to get ahead of the competition since its uncharted territories. But use your discretion when looking at the data, there could be a reason why no one is meeting the demand and the reasons are unlimited.


Looking at the data I got, we can consider chocolate chip flavour since it has a fairly high number of users looking for it but with low competition. Means there is potential for a market right here. Butter cookies is not an option with competition being High, even if the monthly searches are very high. The market demand has most likely been met already, hence the high competition for the finite number of viewers.

So do it right and you will have a fine look at what your potential customers want and your business will be able to anticipate and meet future demands quickly and efficiently through the keywords.

Finding Keywords Others Might Use

What I mean in this case is this, say for example we reuse the sushi example, we create both our ad and our page to include a lot of  “Sushi” and its variations. Now while this is not exactly wrong, it can be further expanded. We have to understand that while we might call it “Sushi”, some might call it by some other name. Other examples would often include “Uramaki” or “Sashimi” and so on. Different people, different names and terms used. So if say we only focused on “Sushi”, we would be missing out on viewers looking at the other types of keywords people might use like “Sashimi”.

This would definitely cost you in terms of potential impressions, clicks or conversions, whatever your goal is. Now  I am going to tell you how you can find other keywords easily that you can use to get more viewers. The first method involves just going to Google. Google is pretty smart, when you look for certain items, say “Sushi”, it will give you the following recommendations down below:


Now the recommendation that Google usually gives us is popular search phrases visitors use and is to help visitors narrow down what they want. So looking at some of the recommendations, we see additional words getting tacked onto the original “Sushi”. Words such as “Sashimi” or “Maki” are pretty useful for pages because now Google organic search results will provide a higher listing as a wider net has been cast.

Same thing for ads as a wider spectrum of visitors will now see the ad when searching for more obscure terms. And if what you’re looking for doesn’t provide a list of recommendation, use sites like LSI Graph, these give suggestions and wider variations that would definitely come in handy.

Conclusion Time

In conclusion, finding keywords to strategically sell your products, whether online or offline, is not difficult. Targeting and converting your customers and visitors to buy your stuff is not particularly difficult. And finding out what potential visitors and customers want is pretty easy. All of this is doable when you have the willpower to sift through all that data that Google Analytics and Adwords has in store.

The trick is to find patterns and correlation within the data and to act on it strategically. Experiment with your keywords until you are satisfied with the results or your ROI on advertisements. And lastly, don’t take keyword research for granted like so many businesses and companies have done out there.Learn from them and their mistakes. There is value to keyword research and only you can unlock its potential.

The Techy Hub Annual Company Trip

All of us from the Techy Hub would like to travel out of Malaysia for a team building trip. While we want it to be fun, we decided that no team trip would be complete without us working on a project together. Hence why we want to build a work relationship with a company outside of Malaysia.

What we can offer:

Need a website designed from scratch or assistance with digital marketing? We have the right guys for you. Our talented team of eight will fly over to your office to work on the project for a few days (duration will depend on the complexity of the project).

The services we provide include:

  • Front and Back End Web development
  • Web design
  • Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation & online ads)
  • Graphic design (company logo etc.)
  • Technical support (anything IT related)

For more information on the skill-set possessed by our team and the services we provide, please feel free to drop us a message.

The trade:

Ultimately this trip is meant for our team to get to know one another better and have a good time. Therefore, instead of a fee we would like your company to warmly host us during our stay in your country. We would like to barter our work with comfortable accommodation, good food from your country, travel costs and some leisure time.

Furthermore, we would also like the opportunity to connect with more people around the world and learn more about the working culture outside of Malaysia. Building this work relationship would help us to achieve this and broaden our experiences.


If interested, do leave us a message and we could negotiate terms of trade further.


My Experience as an Intern at The Techy Hub

Lesli Lu working at The Techy Hub

It has been 2 and a half months since I joined The Techy Hub for the internship and today will be the final day of my internship. After completing my SPM at SMK Taman Connaught, I decided after all the late night study sessions and stressful examinations that I needed a break. So, I chose to opt for the July intake for A-levels.

The months leading up to the internship were mostly unproductive. From working in retail to binge watching Netflix at home. The first 2 months were great, the feeling of doing absolutely nothing was satisfying. But the break I thought I deserved became dull really fast. I knew how important planning for the future was, so I made it my goal to get an internship before I start college.

My sister told me about The Techy Hub, saying that they offer a really good internship program. After exchanging a few e-mails with Soon Seng, we scheduled an interview. A week after that, my internship began.

Why I chose to do my internship

Coming out of government school, I did not really get the exposure I needed to face the adult world. We lack communication skills as there’s an explicit hierarchy in schools where the governing bodies are dominant, this shuts down communication skills, opinions and creativity. The Techy Hub gave me the opportunity to grow and get real world experience.

With a large majority of my friends already started college and another portion enrolling just as I started my internship, there was a small form of doubt. I would be half a year behind my friends. Here are some of the reasons why I did things differently and chose to do an internship.

Real world experience

An internship gives the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in a professional environment. Often people have the misconception whereby an intern merely does photocopying or getting coffee. At The Techy Hub, interns were here to learn and explore new career paths.

Learn new skills

One of the reasons I applied for the internship at the The Techy Hub was because I knew nothing about programming. I know it sounds rather counter intuitive. Why venture into uncharted territory? Well let’s face it, programming is the future. The internship gave me the opportunity to learn basic coding. It also gave me some insights on how a web development company functions.

Dog with computer


Building my resume

Before I came in, my resume consists mainly of retail jobs that don’t bring much value. The internship served both as a great learning experience as well as a new addition to my resume. The addition of an internship in my resume carries more weight in a sense that it shows you’re motivated to be involved in the working industry.


 The experience

The first week of my internship was mostly learning the basics. I was appointed to be under the Digital Marketing team. Again, I was going into this blind, knowing nothing about the different aspects of digital marketing. I started off watching introduction videos regarding digital marketing from SEO to SEM. Trying to absorb as much as I could. My supervisor Kur Win taught me everything I needed to know about Digital marketing. I slowly began to understand why certain websites succeeded while others got lost in cyberspace.

After the first week, I was given a few tasks that included managing the Facebook pages of our company as well as other partner companies. Even though I was an intern, it felt like I was treated as a real employee. We were given responsibilities. During meetings, our input and opinions were valued where they take our inputs into consideration regardless of whether you were a full time staff or an intern.

Digital marketing meme

It really is. source.

I was often given the task of writing content for client websites, blogposts and product descriptions. I really enjoyed the creative freedom given to me, where I could express my ideas and thoughts. However at times, the need for constant original content can be mentally straining. The working environment and help from my colleagues definitely helped me in overcoming the challenges faced. The working environment instills creativity. With a large couch, colourful bean bags and an Xbox, the workplace encourages the balance between work and play.

Since The Techy Hub is a Web Development company, it was only fair that I learn how to code. I learned basic Front-End Development which comprises of HTML and CSS coding. I was fascinated by how even a simple website required lines and lines of code. Challenging at time, programming is one of the key skills to have for the future regardless of what career direction you opt to choose.


How it felt to code for the first time. source.

That’s all Folks!

It was wonderful to walk into the office each day knowing that every day is a new day where you have the opportunity to learn, to build connections and to grow. The time has come for us to go our own ways. In a month, I’ll be back in school but with a different outlook. I’ll be forever grateful for giving me the opportunity of knowledge interning under The Techy Hub. Thanks guys!

Want to experience the internship program for yourself? Find out more about the internship program here: thetechyhub.com/the-internship/

group photo of The Techy Hub

Farewell lunch for the interns.

6 Websites That You Would Want to Emulate

website design

Your website is a reflection of your brand. In the technological age, having a killer website is essential if you would like to have a strong online presence. By having a strong online presence, you will be able to generate more leads, increase credibility and much more.  However, having a great website is not easy by any means. By including the following criteria, it will definitely help your website be more engaging, effective and user-friendly.

1. Purpose

A good website is able to convey its ideas upon entering the site. With great web design, you are able to convey information through illustrations, pictures and interaction. No matter what is the purpose of the website, the user should know what the website is about the instant he/she enters the site.

bot asking what is it's purpose.

2. Navigation

Navigation is about how a user travels through a website. You generally want to keep the navigation throughout your website as simple and as easy to browse through as possible. With our attention span getting shorter, users are more likely to leave a website due to its inconvenient navigation. Simplistic navigation allows users to quickly find the information they are looking for when browsing your site. This leads to quick conversions as well as pleasant user experience.

3. Interactivity

Just like anything or anyone in life, we want meaningful and interesting interactions. Same goes to your website, users will typically lose interest in mundane interactions with your website. By integrating your brand’s ideas into the navigation and implementing meaningful interactions for users to browse through your website. By doing so, you engage the users and lengthens the time spent on your site.

finger touching interactive screen

4.Visual Design

A website with beautiful visuals will tempt users to further explore your website. With great visuals you can express your ideas and brand virtues. Unfortunately people will judge a website based on its visual design. That is why choosing the right typography, colour scheme, and layout is essential. A good visual design will increase the websites credibility by appearing more professional.

colourful background with text and cat

Obviously not a very good example of quality design. Source.

5. Content

Unique content is what differentiates your website from the rest. Content is what will attract your niche and build traction among the users. Content can range from pictures, videos or articles. The other benefit of publishing content is it will boost your website ranking on search engines. By tailoring your content to your niche with strategically added keywords, you are able to provide content to your niche while increasing traffic through search engine rankings.

6.Functionality and usability

To provide good user experience, your site should be fully functional and easy to navigate. Your site should be responsive to provide great user experience. Websites with sluggish and broken links will lead to a higher bounce rates. A clean and simplistic design will also improve both function and style. The design should be uncluttered for easy navigation. It is also essential that your website is mobile optimised as traffic from mobile is rising exponentially.

Examples of Great Websites

APW (apw.my)

APW is a place filled with history, operating since 1965. They were one of the most prolific printers in the country and have since transformed parts of their underutilized places into cafés, collaborative workspaces and more.

The content on the website lives in a colourful blocks, illustrations and text, at the click of an arrow users discover pictures that give visuals on how the place looks in person. Users can also be directed to parts of the website through their header located at the top of the website.

Screenshot of APW's website

Screenshot of APW’s Our Story.

The design of the website resonates with APW’s history and industrialism. The history of the place is shown through the colour scheme of the website where they incorporate complementing colours that have a vintage vibe. The industrial feel of APW is exhibited with architectural sketches and having their content placed in blocks.

Chai Dental (kldentist.com)

Chai Dental’s website is designed in a way where it tallies the service that they provide. Which is clean, white and neat teeth. This is shown through the design of the website where the content of the website is organised very neatly while the colour scheme of the website is mainly white.

screenshot of dental homepage

Full screenshot of Chai Dental’s homepage

Users can also easily browse through the website and quickly find any information they are looking for through the header of the page which makes navigation a breeze. The website is also mobile optimized, providing the great user experience for people across all platforms. With informative write ups on their services and technology used, customers can read up on which treatment they would require.

River of Life (riveroflife.com.my)

River of Life is a project to clean and transform 8 rivers in KL and the Klang Valley, bringing them back to life. With many info-graphics and pictures that are constantly being updated shows the progress on the project, users can easily follow along the journey of this great cause.

website with image of construction worker and some statistics.

Screenshot of River of Life homepage

Through the design of the website, they are able to express what they would like to bring to our rivers. Clean, environmentally friendly and clear waters. Via the colour scheme of green and white, the whites symbolises cleanliness and purity while the greens symbolises growth, fertility and the environment. This also further emphasises the purpose of the site, to create awareness among the general public.

Users are able to cruise through the website with swift responses and many well written articles, videos and images. The content is compelling and educational with the aim to teach the public on how we can care for our rivers and the environment. With references on the effects of pollution for the public as well as telling the vivid stories of the history of our rivers.

environmental website with articles

Screenshot of River of Life’s content.

National Geographic (www.nationalgeographic.com)

The National Geographic page greets you with beautiful pictures that will leave you stunned. Known for their visual content, they play to their strengths. Instantly the purpose of the website is known. Scrolling past the main picture, you’re met with their content. The stunning images reel you in, as your scroll through the homepage.

National geographic homepage with image of dead shark

National Geographic homepage.

Through the homepage, they are able to portray stories that describe the company’s visions, virtues and goals. The ability to concise so much information without cluttering the page is a great asset to have whereby you can maintain traffic throughout your website and direct traffic throughout the other pages on your site.

Navigation through the website is smooth and simple, guiding users to the important sections of the website. With great written content as well as beautiful visual storytelling, it’s hard for users to leave the site without spending a fair amount of time on their website. We tend to be attached to a company which connects to us emotionally, and National Geographic does this through their pictures, articles and stories.

screenshot of national geography content

Made by Google (madeby.google.com)

Made by Google is a website by Google where they showcase all of their products. The purpose of the website is clear with call to action buttons and big images advertising their products.

The design and layout of the website is minimalistic and simplistic, which mirrors the designs of their products. By mirroring the product with the website’s design and layout, users will be able to sense the flow throughout the website.  The navigation through the site is smooth and quick throughout the site because of its design. The monochromatic colour scheme gives the website a very clean and professional look.

screenshot of made by google website

Falter Inferno (falter.wild.plus)

Falter Inferno is a website created by Falter, a weekly news magazine published in Vienna, Austria. Entering the page, you see a familiar sight. Someone stuck in traffic. In this case, the purpose of the website isn’t clear but the interactivity on the website provokes you to find out more.

illustration of person stuck in traffic

Level 1 in Falter Inferno.

Click and drag down and you see a person throwing a pile of print into a tall wall of fire whilst being watched by two tall individuals. It tells the narrative where true journalism is dead due to the constrictions of censorship and other powerful bodies. The website tells a story through its moving illustrations and navigation. The way you navigate through the page breathes freshness.

Man throwing paper into a wall of fire

The theme of the website revolves around satirical themes of the modern society with regards to technology, freedom of speech as well as other current issues. The interactive navigation immerses the user into the idea that the website is trying to conceive. With 9 “levels” of modern day issues, the website is thought provoking and visually pleasing, users will find themselves running through the website multiple times in admiration.


Let us know which website was your favourite and why, down in the comments below!

Have Us Up Your Sleeve: The Techy Hub Services

Here at The Techy Hub, our services include developing quite a number of different websites. However, there are three kinds of website most commonly requested by our clients. Following this, we also receive many questions on why we have different kinds of websites and their differences. To address these questions without causing confusion, we decided to relate our services to a metaphor about shirts.

We all own shirts for different occasions. From the old, stained ones to be worn at home or formal ones to be worn to work. Though shirts are essentially just everyday apparel, our website development services have a lot more in common with shirts that you might think. We’ll be linking our services with three different kinds of shirts while going through pricing and features.


Plain round-necked shirt

Plain white round neck t-shirt cheapest techy hub service

Possibly the most common shirt there is, easily found in any departmental store (or in your home closet). As they are all factory made, they look the same, with limited alterations. Just like this shirt, one of our services include building a website for you based on a WordPress template. We use a WordPress template that suits the feel of your company the best and replace the functions according to your requests. It is the simplest, therefore the cheapest service we provide. This does not mean that the end result will look bad, most of the templates have clean and professional looks. It simply means that your website may look similar to others (relate back to factory made) with lesser features than what you would like to have.

We do get requests from clients to add new layouts to existing ones, which can be done but will cost you. This is because most WordPress templates are build by authors who have their own ways of building a website. So, to complete the request, we would first have to dissect the code of a website and then add the layout requested by the client. The end result will be what you asked for, but it still might not look the best it can. So for plain round-necked shirts, take it as it is! Here’s an example of what a ‘plain round-necked shirt’ website looks like.


Collared, work shirt

Collared Work Shirt

So this shirt already looks different from the previous one. With the long sleeves, collar and buttons, it looks more suited to be in an office. This shirt is factory made, yet designed specifically to make the wearer look smarter in it. This shirt relates to our mid-range service, whereby we custom-design and build a WordPress website just for you. This service enables you to be in more control of how your website looks and feels, even enabling more functions. The only downside of this service is security. Your website may face a higher chance of being hacked, as WordPress uses a well-known cms (a service that allows users to change content without touching the code). This service would be perfect for you if you plan to start a more general website, without passing sensitive information such as bank information or personal identities.

Have a look at one of the results of this service: http://thetechyhub.com/portfolio/global-transformation-forum/.


Bespoke Tailored Shirt

Custom Tailored Shirt most expensive techy hub service

Everyone knows about tailor-made shirts, though most never had one made. They are made using careful measurements, high quality material and designs chosen to fit the wearer perfectly. The shirt can come with the customer’s choice of tie, bow or any other extras to complement the shirt. This seemingly superior shirt parallels our final service. We will custom-design your website and built from scratch using a proposed framework (Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Code Ignitor). This is recommended for you if you are looking to start a website dealing with sensitive or private data. You will still be able to be in control of your website and it’s features. This results in a beautiful, secured website that protects sensitive information and data on your website from hackers.

(Of course you can argue that it is not necessary to have tailor-made shirts but a fashion stylist may turn his nose up on your clothes. Just saying.) Intrigued? This http://ohmyenglish.com.my/ms/utama is an example of what you get from this service. Something out of the norm, and designed according to your every need.


So there you have it! We are open during regular business hours unless mentioned so in our Facebook page. We would gladly accept any inquiries to clear confusion or to help you in choosing a website perfect for you. Feel free to contact us at info@thetechyhub.com.