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How to Deal with Mobile App Developers: A Guide to Smooth Collaboration

by thetechyhub at May 29, 2023

Mobile app development is a dynamic and intricate process that requires effective collaboration between businesses and app developers. Navigating this partnership can sometimes be challenging, but with the right approach, you can foster a productive and successful working relationship. In this blog post, we will share valuable tips on how to deal with mobile app…

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The Competitors Analysis

by thetechyhub at April 5, 2018

What? So you may be wondering what exactly is a competitor analysis? Well, simply put, a competitive analysis is used evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses; it also plays an important role in your marketing strategy. Why? The main reason companies do a competitive analysis is to assess their competitors and find out their competitors’…

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Bad Genius: Knowledge for Success

by thetechyhub at January 23, 2018

(Warning: This post contains some spoilers for the movie). Knowledge is defined as the skills and information that is gained through experience or education. There are endless things in the world that we can fill our minds with. We can explore the world and use what we have learned to make daily tasks more interesting…

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