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Have Us Up Your Sleeve: The Techy Hub Services

by thetechyhub at February 27, 2017

Here at The Techy Hub, our services include developing quite a number of different websites. However, there are three kinds of website most commonly requested by our clients. Following this, we also receive many questions on why we have different kinds of websites and their differences. To address these questions without causing confusion, we decided to…

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6 Secrets to an appealing ‘About me’ page

by Soon Seng Ee at November 9, 2016

Our phones never left our side, they are like our sidekick, keeping us on the go. Checking emails, scrolling through Instagram, stalking your crush on Facebook, watching celebrities fight on Twitter, reading blogs on Google, the Web was always there to lend us a helping hand. Sitting behind screen, it’s almost impossible to truly connect…

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Website Update

by Soon Seng Ee at August 30, 2015

So, here’s our latest website update. We’ve included a mini profile of each Techy at the Hub. Now you can find out a bit more about us and what each of us offer The Techy Hub! We have decided to start this new blog! We will be updating from time to time, if our work permits us.…

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