Jonathan Low’s 5 Star Service.

by Soon Seng Ee at November 3, 2015

JONATHAN LOW: WINNING CLIENTS’ LOYALTY – 7 Proven Practices to Convert Client to Amazing Fans

[The Royale Chulan Damansara]

The True Meaning of Service

Self Mastery

An energetic and inspiring 90 minutes display from Jonathan Low, one of Asia’s leading speakers in the Art of Hospitality.

We deal with people (whether we like it or not!) on a regular, if not everyday, basis. Whether you’re being served for your lunch, in a taxi ride home, or being greeted in a mall; all of these things fall under SERVICE (see above). And this is what Jonathan delivers to us through his motivational speeches.

To keep us all entertained, and off our phones,  Jonathan delivered his real life experiences and short stories to show us ways to deal with situations, and paths we choose can determine the outcome (and to brighten someone’s day).

He shared this with us. On one incident, his flight had been cancelled, so he was re-ticketed onto the next flight out. He managed to reach his final destination, which was great. Everything went smoothly, until he realised his luggage was left behind!

Now, looking at this situation, he had two ways to go about it:

A: he could screw the guy behind the counter, vet his anger so they could work on getting his luggage back (like the other 10 grumpy people in line waiting behind him)


B: smile at the guy and understand that he’s just a company employee who unfortunately has to deal with this on a regular basis.  By choosing to talk to him in a calm manner, and understanding that shouting at him in frustration will not get your luggage back any quicker.

Think before You Act

Now just taking a few seconds to think about both, before you act. You can really change everything around, if you just try putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

Thank you to Jonathan for giving such a meaningful speech where anyone can practice and apply to, no matter what situation you are in.

Small things can make a difference! 🙂