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6 Secrets to an appealing ‘About me’ page

by Soon Seng Ee at November 9, 2016

Our phones never left our side, they are like our sidekick, keeping us on the go. Checking emails, scrolling through Instagram, stalking your crush on Facebook, watching celebrities fight on Twitter, reading blogs on Google, the Web was always there to lend us a helping hand. Sitting behind screen, it’s almost impossible to truly connect…

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by Soon Seng Ee at November 7, 2016

#Throwback Throwing it back to 2 weeks ago, I still the little high school girl with no idea what the Techy Hub do. Purposely making my bag appear big but in reality there’s only 3 papers, my pencil box and my bottle in it. (trying hard to look like I’m ready). With the initial thought…

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A Different Working Environment

by Soon Seng Ee at November 3, 2016

Art Printing Works Down the memory lane, APW (Art Printing Works) was not just merely another commercial letterpress establishment.  Specialising in printing hardcover books, the industrial plant is dilapidated by the advancement of technologies. Rich in history, APW couldn’t just close down now. The Origin Dating back to the 18th centuries, The Royal Press was…

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The Beginning – First Day of Internship

by Soon Seng Ee at November 1, 2016

My First Day The sun was smiling behind the dark clouds, but all was well except…the traffic. Staring out of dad’s car window, blazing red light lit up every cars backside. After an intense battling with the traffic, Waze finally announced my arrival at The Techy Hub. “You have reached your destination,” right on time. …

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