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Say Cheese!

by thetechyhub at August 19, 2016

Hey guys, this blog post is just a quick update about our PHOTOBOOTH!

Here’s a brief idea on what our Photobooth service is about and why we started it.

What Got Us Started?

For those who are wondering how The Techy Hub started photobooth service… Well, if you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram and Facebook page, you would undoubtedly have stumbled upon a spam of wedding pictures within the last two weeks! For those of you who have yet to figure it out, our boss, Sengjai recently got hitched to his longtime sweetheart, SuLin. Their wedding ceremony was a charmingly rustic do, set in an unconventionally beautiful space.. Complete with fairy lights and sweet little pots of honey as door gifts, the wedding had an almost dreamlike air to it. It felt like something straight out out of a romantic comedy, and our photobooth service not only managed to capture it all perfectly, but also provided guests with a customized souvenir they could remember the special day by!

thetechyhub-photoboothWe started the photobooth service as an innovation for Sengjai’s wedding. He wanted something affordable for himself that was also in line with the current trends in Malaysia and for this reason the photobooth idea was birthed! A lot of meticulous planning went into creating The Techy Hub photobooth. We thought carefully about every little detail, from the exterior of the photobooth machine to the software used. Thus, our reliable and user-friendly machine came about!

What We’re Planning On Doing With It

We are also planning to expand our photobooth service so that it includes a live Instagram Printer service! The live Instagram Printer is perfect for large scale events and serves as a personalized souvenir for your guests. Plus, it will be able to increase your event’s social media exposure due to the increased usage of your event’s personalized Instagram hashtag! Hopefully, we will be able to bring this to you sooner than expected. More updates about this to follow!

We will definitely be doing big things with our photobooth service, and hopefully our live Instagram Printer too! Do check out this infographic for more information about our photobooth. If you have any further enquiries regarding our services, please feel free to drop us an email at!

Take a look at our photobooth pictures from the Su and Seng wedding: