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Hey guys, this blog post is just a quick update about our PHOTOBOOTH!

Here’s a brief idea on what our Photobooth service is about and why we started it.

What Got Us Started?

For those who are wondering how The Techy Hub started photobooth service… Well, if you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram and Facebook page, you would undoubtedly have stumbled upon a spam of wedding pictures within the last two weeks! For those of you who have yet to figure it out, our boss, Sengjai recently got hitched to his longtime sweetheart, SuLin. Their wedding ceremony was a charmingly rustic do, set in an unconventionally beautiful space.. Complete with fairy lights and sweet little pots of honey as door gifts, the wedding had an almost dreamlike air to it. It felt like something straight out out of a romantic comedy, and our photobooth service not only managed to capture it all perfectly, but also provided guests with a customized souvenir they could remember the special day by!

thetechyhub-photoboothWe started the photobooth service as an innovation for Sengjai’s wedding. He wanted something affordable for himself that was also in line with the current trends in Malaysia and for this reason the photobooth idea was birthed! A lot of meticulous planning went into creating The Techy Hub photobooth. We thought carefully about every little detail, from the exterior of the photobooth machine to the software used. Thus, our reliable and user-friendly machine came about!

What We’re Planning On Doing With It

We are also planning to expand our photobooth service so that it includes a live Instagram Printer service! The live Instagram Printer is perfect for large scale events and serves as a personalized souvenir for your guests. Plus, it will be able to increase your event’s social media exposure due to the increased usage of your event’s personalized Instagram hashtag! Hopefully, we will be able to bring this to you sooner than expected. More updates about this to follow!

We will definitely be doing big things with our photobooth service, and hopefully our live Instagram Printer too! Do check out this infographic for more information about our photobooth. If you have any further enquiries regarding our services, please feel free to drop us an email at!

Take a look at our photobooth pictures from the Su and Seng wedding:



Just kidding…well, not really…

We’re looking for a full-fledged Javascript developer OR a back-end (Laravel/PHP) developer and we’ll pay you what you’re worth!

Experience with both is a plus!

What’s in it for you:

  • Flexible schedule within reason
  • Like-minded geek techies
  • Working together with other passionate programmers
  • Help to build a community of upcoming techies
  • Interaction with techies from other countries
  • Build your international portfolio
  • Unique projects

What’s in it for us:

  • Programmer with skills and passion
  • Someone who’s interested in learning more
  • A team player
  • A person who’s able to teach and guide others

Are you up for the challenge? Apply now!

Uppercase: A Collaborative Workspace for a Community of Creators

The Techy Hub temporarily relocated for a day to Uppercase. It is located amidst the familiar city hustle in the heart of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The trendy, conducive workspace helped rid of any symptoms of Monday Blue’s for us.

We were seated at the main area, where there were long tables and swivel chairs amidst patches of sun. The open concept allowed for us to discuss ideas or where to eat lunch while getting work done. It is a comfortable space where we don’t have to isolate ourselves and our work until it is time for a group meeting. It is a comfortable space where there is no isolation between ourselves and our work. We can move about, stretch, talk – all contributing positively to our thinking process.


Need a break?

We’re spoilt for choice here, from playing a round of Street Fighter II to relaxing in bean bags. What’s more,  you can enjoy the sunshine and good view from the roof terrace for a toilet break! Now that is sufficient to keep us energised for the work ahead.

The place is fresh and stimulating: exactly what a healthy workplace should be.




The energy at Uppercase can definitely be identified as different, compared to when working at previous working spaces, as concluded by the project coordinators of a special Bicycle Map Project deriving from a link between Studio 25 and Think City, who have been working at Uppercase for around a month. In their opinion, the space acts as a catalyst for discussion and collaboration – solving problems and feeding curiosities. When asked to name a few things that made working here awesome, the coffee machine was branded as a plus side of working here. I have to admit: the scent of brewing coffee does improve working conditions by a significant percentage for me too.

For those interested in getting a new office space or a place to collaborate with, have a look at uppercase. You can check them out at

Trinity Children’s Centre

Trinity Children Centre houses around twenty children within an age range of four to sixteen. The kids are very energetic, releasing cheerful vibes all around them. More importantly, they are brimming with curiosity as to how and why this or that works.

Here’s a recap on what we did with them last Friday:

Upon completing their homework, the kids rushed to the computers to get started on their coding lesson. We had planned out a range of activities for them. We taught the kids on simple, interactive platforms such as Hour of Code, Made with Code and Lightbot.


Programming fun

The Star Wars feature on the Hour of Code allows for users to gain a little insight on how characters such as BB-8 and R2D2 move about in a galaxy far, far away. The users can direct the droids to move around in order to collect scrap metal or to defeat Rebel Pilots.

On the other hand, Lightbot challenges users to use programming logic to solve puzzles. This platform uses basic coding concepts to teach the children. The users have to guide the Lightbot to light up the tiles, in order to advance to the next level. 

Made with Code, by Google, featured Inside Out on their platform. Users can direct baby Riley around the toy blocks strewn across the floor or teenager Riley across the staircase railing. Each completed level is rewarded with a snippet of a scene they had just helped create, through coding. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.14.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.18.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.22.52 PM

All the activities provided the kids with an opportunity in learning how to sequence instructions, write procedures and utilise loops in this activity. We gave the kids instructions and brief explanations about the platforms. To no surprise, they were so capable to complete each level, scouring their brains to figure out which direction to take. Each level is completed with a grin of satisfaction, followed by a look of concentration as they begin the next task.

Upon finishing up their lesson, the kids were allowed to play classic games downloaded on an emulator such as Sonic, Bomberman, Super Mario and more. I’m sure some of us older ones are feeling nostalgic just by hearing these familiar names but age is just a number, right?

Find out more about Trinity Children’s Centre at

The Internship

The Workspace

With colourful bean bags and glass windows with inspirational quotes and creative ideas! The Techy Hub is definitely an unconventional yet a positive and comfortable place to work in. Plus, the access to the Xbox adds to the perks of working here!

You’ll often find the guys playing Counter-strike once they’ve gotten their work done.

   image (1) image
Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.15.51 PM

With a long break in between college and university, we, the interns, needed to make good use of our time. We have learned the fundamentals of programming, from variables and loops to Swift language and how to work Xcode, Android Studio and Unity. All this in our third week here! 

Aside from that, we have expanded our knowledge on social media marketing techniques; covering areas such as brand presence, high quality posts and social media analytics.

Lending a helping hand

Although we managed to work independently, the guidance from The Techy Hub experts were of help to us in developing our programming skills. The Techies gave us instructions and we followed. We began to work together, discovering new methods and ideas whilst learning from mistakes. Moreover, we learnt to ask intelligent questions and source for solutions through research. We also provided an opportunity to teach the children of Trinity Children’s Centre simple coding programs. In addition, The Techy Hub regularly services the computers at the centre.

Interning here provides a real world experience, which will be valuable in the future. The skills and knowledge which will be picked up at The Techy Hub gives us an edge in the competitive market for programming and networking, both a heavy influence on many modern businesses in today’s world.

We’ll also be posting regular updates on The Techy Hub Facebook page so be sure to look out for it!

Lunch at Damansara Jaya

1. Chow Yang Kopitiam

Char siu fan – RM6 – 8
Pan mee – RM6 – 7
Chap fan (rice accompanied by egg, chicken and vegetables) – RM6 – 10
Pork noodles – RM6 – 7

What more do you want?! Despite this place being our go-to when it comes to lunch, we are always too stoked to dig in before taking a picture #priorities

Credits to gifsec

2. The Magic Wok

Chinese food is usually a favourite amongst all walks of life and I think it owes mostly to the fact that the cuisine is full of variety, which you will find at the Magic Wok. There is Tofu topped with sliced abalone to Golden Butter chicken and Creamy Butter prawns..yaaassss


Credits to gifsec

Credits to The Magic Wok facebook page

The Magic Wok

Credits to mweats

3. Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Rice

Looking for a familiar taste coming from your hometown? Look no further because this place has got it covered. With a signature charred bottom, you will be left scraping for more!
                                                                   Credits to Timeout


Pssst, want to plan early for tomorrow’s meal? Check out Chuup, located right next to the Clawset Cafe (great for dessert and animal lovers), for some traditional popiah or nasi lemak complemented with pork rendang!

Internship with The Steps

We Need Interns

We Techies are collaborating with The Steps ( A platform for students and fresh grads, or just anyone looking for a job change. They offer professional services to team you up with a mentor of your interested industry. If you’re looking to join an exciting tech startup, or want work experience from various industries including: consulting, finance, engineering, and technology, do get in touch!


The brains behind this project are from Harvard Business School and London School of Economics. Plus, with a cumulative of 10 years work experience. You know this is legit stuff! 🙂

They are looking for driven and self-starting interns who would like to join the expanding team at The Steps!

Job Description:

As a campus ambassador, your job will be to implement marketing campaigns to increase the awareness of their platform at your campus and to drive user engagement. You’ll have regular conference calls with the company’s founders to discuss potential targets, ideas, and goals. You will get great training for real world work experience, references and play a crucial role in the growth of an early stage startup!

Although this is an unpaid internship position, you will get a ton of benefits. Including these: a fast learning curve to feed that brain of yours, an exposure to the real life of adulthood, and to be part of an exciting start-up that will impress on your resume!

Expected commitment: 5-6 hours / week

Start date: Nov 2015

Duration: 3 months / 6 months / 1 year

Do sign up at the form below if you’re interested –

For any questions, please email

Having the Best of Both Worlds


So here’s a feature of Soon Seng in Focus Week – thanks to Rita! The article features individuals who lead a balanced lifestyle of work and travel.

Read about Soon Seng’s experience, and the upside and downside of working while travelling:-


Pictured here is a reunion between Soon Seng and his Melbournian friends:-


One of the benefits (and probably the best point in my opinion) is that working in The Techy Hub leaves you flexibility – you get to travel anytime of the year! We don’t have a set amount of days for official Annual Leave as we don’t think that taking time off should be restricted! (Say Amen to that!)

We’re always welcoming and gathering Techies. Just drop us a quick email: and we’ll be in touch!