Who Am I? I’m An Intern


Hello there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ranko and I’m currently studying for my Diploma in Mass Communication. An internship is a compulsory part of my course so here I am at The Techy Hub.

I had been dreading the internship portion of my course just because I’d have to make so many choices from what field to go into to which company to apply for. It was important, my lecturers told all of us as we were briefed on what to expect, to choose a company you feel comfortable with because you’ll be there every day for the next few months. Decisions, decisions; so many to make and all of them having a significant impact on me.

The entire semester before our internship period, I was asked countless of times ‘So where are you going to intern?’ by lecturers and peers alike. I really didn’t want to think about it and kept trying to put it off but I knew I had to do it else I wouldn’t find a company in time. So I forced myself to sit down and write up a resume and cover letter. Going through the long list of suggested companies my college provided, I looked up all the companies that had what I was looking for, a ‘copywriters wanted’ written in the description. I had a few criteria in mind: close to home or easy to commute via public transportation, seems chill and looked interesting.

Chapter 1: The Interview

The Techy Hub was one of the few places that caught my eye and met all my criteria so I dropped Soon Seng an email. I felt a little nervous and giddy as if I’d just texted my crush when I hit ‘send’ on the email. I had hoped I would come off sounding professional and composed though that was a far cry from my true self. Thankfully, both Soon Seng and the other company I had contacted got back to me and we set up an interview time.

On the day of the interview with Soon Seng, I felt extremely nervous; I usually get major anxiety over things like this so it wasn’t surprising. The other interview I had was extremely short, I’d say it lasted about five minutes so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. Like a good interviewee, I arrived early and was ushered into what looked like a meeting room by Soon Seng.

Palms sweaty and heart beating fast, both from the nerves, I answered all of Soon Seng’s questions as best as I could, which meant with the least amount of stuttering. He asked about my studies and told me about his studies. It was just a lot of questions and inquiring on his part. By the end of it, he had assigned me a writing task and I felt that whether or not I got offered an intern position at The Techy Hub was riding on how well I did this assignment.

Chapter 2: The Experience

Relief flooded through me when I got the email from Soon Seng offering me an intern position at The Techy Hub. So now that I’ve got the position, I just had to mentally prepare myself (easier said than done). The fact that I would be an intern soon didn’t even settle in my mind until the day before I would actually start.

I showed up to the office early not knowing what to expect. Would they have me do menial work like making coffee and run errands? I guess, in my mind, that’s what an intern did. To my surprise, as I was given a rundown of the tasks that I would have to complete over the next three months, it seemed that they would be giving me a lot of work.

Writing blog posts and pitches filled my three months here. It really helped me improve my writing skills and learn about new things since I was usually writing about topics that I was unfamiliar with. While I had first thought that I’d be overwhelmed with the amount of work I’d have to do, I took things one step at a time and it honestly wasn’t that bad. But that was mostly because I had a lot of help.

Chapter 3: The People

By a lot of help, I mean that there was another intern working with me. Chris is his name and he left a month before I did (the traitor). He’s older than me so he had more experience and helped me out a lot, I’m grateful for that, but he had the worst puns. We got along well and were fast friends since we saw each other almost every day of the week. I think without Chris, I probably would have been so lost and lonely so I have to thank him for all his terrible jokes and for making those first two months pretty fun.

Kur Win, what can I say about him? He enjoys spilling hot liquids near my space and super derpy. He’s un-funnily funny and good at what he does. He was my main source of knowledge when it came to the whole Marketing shebang. Kur Win was a mentor, advisor and I’m glad to have picked up a couple of things from him

So, Soon Seng is pretty great. He always told us that he wanted every intern to learn something before they left. He never made us do things for no reason, there was always something to learn from our experience. It was through his constructive criticism that Chris and I managed to improve ourselves.


I don’t regret choosing to intern at The Techy Hub. I’ve learned a lot and have experienced what it’s like to work in an office. I’ve picked up on some things that I didn’t learn in college. I’ll go back to college, hopefully, a little more matured and a little more experienced. I’m truly grateful for this experience.

Bye, Bye, Bye (To The Interns)

It’s always so difficult to say goodbye to interns. Today we bid farewell to not one, not two, but three interns! You can just imagine how torn up we are over this. As always, we got them to talk about their experience here.

There is a lot to like about The Techy Hub but Seelic’s favourite part was the freedom here and both he and Li Sheng agree that the people here are great. Chris, on the other hand, likes the free lunches; yes folks, we have free welcome and farewell lunches. Who doesn’t like free food?

Chris Chia

Chris, Intern, The Techy Hub

Chris said that during his time here he has learned a lot through his hands-on experience that he didn’t in university. He believes that what he has learned here will help him in the future. Chris’s most memorable here was when we went on a hike at Broga Hill last month. He also said that the atmosphere at the office is nice and since the team isn’t too big, it’s easier to work together. We have a small team but we have enough people to still produce quality content. In the future, he hopes to work at a startup that focuses on one specific product/service such as dahmakan.

Shum Seelic

Seelic isn’t much of a talker but he still had some things to say about his time here. Like Chris, his most memorable here was the Broga Hill hike. He’s not very sure how his time here will help him in the future but he has some plans. He has one more semester to complete before attaining his degree and in the future, he wants to try going overseas after working locally for a few years.

Ong Li Sheng

During his time here, Li Sheng said he’s gained a lot of insight on how different technology work. He also got the chance to go through the process of taking on a project from meeting the client to carrying out the work. The people here are good, he said, and Soon Seng is very considerate in the sense that he never pushed them too hard, he knew their skill level and worked around that.

Thankfully, it isn’t goodbye forever because Chris and Seelic will be returning as full-time Techies. Li Sheng still has one last semester to go and had been offered a position here but he still hasn’t decided yet so he’ll be using that one semester to really think it over. But we certainly do hope that he comes back.

I Was A Lost Boy, Now I’m a Smart Boy

My name is Chris. I am a marketing and public relations student who was looking for something meaningful to do during my summer break. I was honestly looking to get a job as a waiter or kitchen staff because I have always been passionate about food (baking in particular). However, with less than 2 months to work, it was difficult to find a place willing to hire me.

Fortunately for me, I knew Soon Seng. Long story short, I ended getting an opportunity to intern as a digital marketing/copywriting intern here at the Techy Hub (thanks, Soon Seng for the opportunity). Marketing was honestly the last thing I wanted to do (funny since I am a marketing student). But the time I spent here has been really meaningful and has made me enjoy marketing a little more.

The Humans

One of the many things that made this internship really fun and meaningful are the people who I got to meet. Since it is a small office, I got to know everyone, especially my co-intern, Ranko and boss/advisor person, Kur Win.

Ranko is one of those people who has the lamest puns in the history of the world (her puns hurt). The type that you want to try and laugh at but sometimes it just hurts. She has been the closest person I worked with throughout my internship. She is very annoying that way but has made working here fun.

She has been really helpful in helping me do certain tasks when lazy and even taught me how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We pitched together, made a lot of inside jokes together and amongst other things, struggled with certain tasks together. Grateful to have a co-worker who helped make work seem less dull.

The next person in Kur Win. He is a man who is always very derpy and tends to enjoy spilling liquids near us. Despite him being the way he is, Kur Win is quite smart at digital marketing. He may have studied something else in university, but his digital marketing knowledge is amazing. He’s really quiet until you start talking to him (I think at least). You can talk to him about A LOT of different topics.

Kur Win, for as much as he could be, was patient when teaching us about digital marketing. He likes to sigh at us, but I think we, Ranko and I, are his favourite interns! Grateful that he’s a patient guy considering how blur I am on most days.

Things I Picked Up

No. 1

One of the many things that I’ve learned here is how digital marketing works. More specifically, I got a more hands-on experience in doing search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media advertisements. It is quite refreshing for me as a marketing student to learn the more modern methods of marketing. I say it is refreshing because I have yet to learn about digital marketing, so all these new tactics and concepts are very interesting.

To do something I enjoyed as a high school student (writing) and combining it with digital marketing has sparked my interests. I may not be a very skilled writer, but learning how to write blogs and different types of contents have been great. It helps me see a more interesting side of marketing besides the usual things I have studied.

In the process of learning to blog, we had to experiment with different things ourselves. We had to constantly share our posts on Facebook and monitor the interaction. After that, we had to experiment with the featured image, titles, meta descriptions and a series of other factors. All of that just to find out how to increase interactivity or why a post did poorly.

No. 2

Another thing that I have picked up here is better confidence when presenting/pitching. The main difference between doing here and in university is that there is no guide. Our first presentation was on a very unfamiliar topic and without a guide which made it all the more difficult and confusing. Thanks for the really honest and constructive feedback we received, I have more confidence in approaching these kinds of things.

I honestly have a long way to go in building my self-confidence in pitching. But I am glad that I got to do it here and get really honest feedback. Thank you to all my colleagues who gave me feedback.

No. 3

There was also looking into how to search for clients, bloggers, and how to evaluate websites. With a series of tools and a lot of time and effort, these were the hardest tasks to do. Aside from using the tools to help do a basic evaluation, I feel that learning how to evaluate a website, its designs and functions and other features were fairly difficult. There are many areas to cover before making a proper judgement.

Everything that was taught to me during this short period of time has been great. I understand digital marketing slightly better, and I know how parts of it work.


While thinking about it, the one thing I realize is that the work I was given, is not just for the sake of being done. Each and every task I had to do all had a reason behind it. Every single task was very much real. There is not very much spoon-feeding here.

While Soon Seng and Kur Win may have guided me in the beginning, they do expect us to do our work properly. Like I shared earlier, there is a lot of honesty and constructive criticism. They are also always open and ready to listen to our feedback or to answer our questions. All of this really helped me learn.

The best part is that, even as an intern, you are really treated like an employee. Not once was I asked to do any jobs that a paperboy would be asked. You would think you would not get much from interning in such a small office.

Yet, the three words I would use to sum up my experience here are these:-

Purposeful, Fun, Contented.

Why is Listening So Important? Here are Some Reasons Why

We often walk into places so full of noise. A coffee shop, a mall, our workplaces and even our own homes. Noises and sounds surround us. One thing that we can gain from listening to these noises and sounds is information. This is called learning through listening.

Listening has been one of the key methods in learning for a very long time. Going beyond education, it helps people understand others better, it builds trust and also makes others feel important. It is one of the key skills that can make or break a situation.

One general aspect of listening includes voice pitch, tones of voices and speed of the speaker (also known as paralinguistic). You can tell if a person in happy, sad or frustrated by just paying attention to paralinguistic.

Listening helps you become more aware of your surroundings. You hear your pet dog bark aggressively, that would probably mean there is danger nearby. You hear someone scream, that person probably needs help (or saw a flying cockroach).

One key category of listening that has truly played a role to me as a marketing student is active listening. Active listening, in short, is basically a process of properly listening then responding. These responses are usually follow up questions to try and gain a perfect understanding of what the speaker is saying.

The process of active listening plays a huge role in understanding a person’s wants and needs. It also helps us understand how we can make people feel more satisfied. You can even tell if a person likes or dislikes something by how they speak over a phone call.

Wisdom is Knowledge

Wise words from the Dalai Lama (Picture Credit: Quotlr)

My (intern) colleague and I recently got the opportunity to sit in a meeting with a potential client for the Techy Hub. Watching the whole process was very interesting. We were very intrigued with how well a short 40 minutes or so meeting went. The clients who walked in looking fairly nervous walked out with smiles on their faces with a sense of confidence.

Some really great take away points that we’d like to share are these:

1) The 60:40 Rule

Listening to everyone

Listen to everything (Picture Credit: The Perfect Small Office

This rule is really simple. Based on what we observed, listen 60% of the time and talk 40% of the time. Now it gets a little trickier, whatever is spoken should be of relevance. You do not want to bombard them with so much overwhelming information and/or jargon.

You should share with them the relevant information based on what they have said. Along the whole process, it is also important that you ask them follow-up questions. For example, “Based on what you said, this is how I understand it”, make sure you understand them completely before doing anything else! (Remember the Dalai Lama quote?)

2) Patience

Time (Picture Credit: FluentU)

Most of us also probably have dealt with people who talk too much and/or demand the world when they ask for something. That can honestly just make us want to close our ears and walk away. But we should not. However, we should feel that it is important to be very patient with your clients.

Sometimes they will spout the most demanding and unreasonable requests in the world. Or they could even be suggesting the most impossible and unrealistic requests or take hours to get to the point. However, don’t lose your cool.

Breathe, listen, digest then explain to them in a patient and calm manner as to why something will not work. If you explain it in a calm manner, you get to build the amount of confidence that they have in you. It also shows that you respect their requests (especially when they approach you for your service).

3) Listening Shows You Care

Listening to your customers (Picture Credit: Sales Manager LLC)

Everyone knows the key to gaining a loyal client is to have them trust you and you gain their trust by building a relationship with them (a professional one, mind you). So instead of just talking about your company and it’s services, listen to what your client has to say. Listen to their problems and their needs so you can better serve them. By listening, it shows them that you really do care about them and it’ll have them trust you.

If they take time to meet you personally and to lay out their ideas, it means that they are really serious. When you show you care, it adds a sense of a personal touch to the situation. Remember! It is important to make sure they leave looking happy or satisfied with the discussion!

Establishing a good relationship with your client may lead to you gaining a loyal customer so talk less and listen more!

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, I think all of us know that listening is essential in many situations. From studying to delivering a service and many others. However, despite how easy it is to list out the facts or say we will commit to listening. It is a skill that takes time to be developed. Trying to become a better listener is a tough thing to do.

One of the first things I had to make myself do to become a better listener is to be aware. Be aware of whether you are talking more if you’re interrupting them or if you are constantly spacing out. Once you’ve become more self aware in this area, you can slowly improve. So I do hope this has encouraged you or provided you with some insights.

That said, we here at The Techy Hub commit to always listening to your needs and wants. You can check out our services here.

Our Pitch Perfect Experience

The Task

Us interns are wet behind the ears but we were tasked with pitching a marketing strategy as well as a potential client to approach. You can imagine the amount of pressure and nerves we felt while preparing for this. We felt like our lives were on the line—okay, maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but you get what we mean.

With what little knowledge we had, we dived right into the task and did our research. Our boss made it very clear that this pitch would be the real deal and we had to do it as if speaking to a client, it would be a way for us to gain experience and learn. Not gonna lie, we did end up leaving most of the work undone till d-day, but that was mostly because we had other tasks to do.

Besides this, the fact that we were so inexperienced only caused us to be even more nervous and unconfident in what we were pitching. Everyone knows you can’t sell anything if you have no confidence! So needless to say, it ended up an utter failure. However, Soon Seng gave us a lot of feedback and constructive criticism.

So firstly, our slides were horrendous; some of the pictures were pixelated and of poor taste.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Secondly, there was no real structure to our slides, therefore, our presenting was all over the place. Our points also weren’t clear so it wasn’t easily understood.

The biggest problem, however, was our confidence. At the end of our presentation when Soon Seng asked us how confident we were in our ability to get the client we suggested, we admitted our chances were really low. Soon Seng really emphasised on how much we needed to work on our confidence.

With all that in mind, we headed back to the drawing board. Three days and three nights we spent on our new and improved pitchjust kidding, we only had two days to work on everything. This time, we didn’t wait until last minute and started with redoing our slides as well as making sure that our points were more clear and concise.

Two days later, it was showtime. This time, we had an actual structure to our presentation and made sure to show that with our slides. We had more information as well. The confidence part, well, that still wasn’t really there but it was definitely better than the first time around. To us, it was a big relief to hear that we improved.

The Take-Away


My head felt like there were needles poking into it. Every breath I took burned my lungs. My heart pounded like would at a rock concert. The hope of surviving the day was lost. It felt like I had lost everything.

Everything I said above is an exaggerated expression of how failure felt like. My background is in marketing and public relations. You would think that research and pitching would be normal and easy for me. You are wrong (at least in my case). The whole experience of “pitching to a client” could not have felt any worse.

However, if there is one thing that was great about failing is that there was an opportunity to learn.

One of my key takeaway points from the experience is to do research on the important things. Every bit of information on your potential client’s business activity or websites is important. Focusing solely on SEO made it difficult to do research on the company (limited my own thinking). Learning about how Google and the potential client’s website affects SEO among other factors helped us understand our task better. It also helped me build confidence in pitching knowing what I am actually talking about.

Another key point that I took away from the experience is to be specific. When presenting data to a client or any person in general, you need to be very specific.

It is very important to highlight the key points in images or statistics. It is important to direct the listener to what you are talking about and to present things that they want to know. It helps them understand your point and prevents frustration from searching through your slides.

Finally, the whole experience has really made me realize how important experience really is. From failure comes success. Our atrocious first presentation helped us come back strong. We do, we learn then we improve. There is definitely a sense of dread that comes from failing, but only through persevering through the tough times can we build character.


As opposed to my partner, I come from a mass communication background and have significantly less experience in the field of marketing. Also, I’m much less dramatic than he is (no she is not).

Sure I’ve done presentations before, it’s something that one often does while in college or university. It’s certainly normal to get nervous before one because your grades are on the line each time you do a presentation. However, being told to pitch as if pitching to an actual client is way more nerve-wracking.

Nevertheless, here are a couple of things I took away from this whole experience.

Confidenceit’s everything when it comes to pitching. You need to be confident in what you’re trying to sell in order to make the client trust you. If you’re confident in your products or services, it’ll make the client think you’re not good enough and you won’t get hired. My confidence when pitching is definitely something I need to work on and I have to not let the nerves get to me.

Be specific—you don’t want to risk confusing others or yourself. Everything has to be clear-cut and concise, slides are just a tool to help you better illustrate a point but they have to be arranged in a way that can be easily stood while still containing a significant amount of information. During our first sorry excuse for a presentation we definitely just dumped all the information we had which resulted in us confusing people. It’s definitely important to structure the entire presentation and have all your points ready.

A learning experience—every experience is chance to learn something. There’s still much we need to work on but what’s important is that we have learned our weaknesses through our failure of a pitch and we managed to improve in the second one. Whether you experience failure or success, what’s important is that you take something away from it.

There’s still much to learn and much to work on but hopefully, we’ll do much better next time.

An Intern Bids Us Farewell

The Techy Hub loves interns, there’s no doubt about it. We even have a dedicated page just to feature our lovely interns! Our goal is to make sure every intern that works here learns something and of course, we can learn a thing or two from them too. We value what they contribute to our company and after being their teachers for a few months, it’s always hard to see them go but all good things must come to an end.

Today we say goodbye to our Back End Development intern Jeremy. Here’s what he had to say about his time here at The Techy Hub.

Although his time here was short, he says he still managed to learn a lot in two months. Jeremy was assigned to work on a mobile application, it was his first time developing a mobile app and he was learning a new computing language at the same time! Just like anyone, Jeremy had a hard time with it at first but soon got the hang of it.

While Jeremy has had experience in programming whilst in university, compared to the short programs he worked on previously, the one he worked on during his internship was on a larger scale. He said he never had to put so much thought into a program before; the small intricate details of a single function were still new to him.

Amongst other things, Jeremy also learned the importance of having a version control of an application; it helps if there’s a problem with the application, it allows him to start again from when it was still running smoothly instead of spending hours debugging it. He also got the chance to collaborate with other developers, he said. They were patient with him when teaching and guiding him which he is very thankful for it.

Before signing off, Jeremy thanks everyone for being so patient and tolerant with him. It was a great experience working here, he says, the company be small but everyone has big hearts and passion for their work.

Well Jeremy, it’s with heavy hearts that we bid you farewell and wish you all the best in the future.

My Experience as an Intern at The Techy Hub

Lesli Lu working at The Techy Hub

It has been 2 and a half months since I joined The Techy Hub for the internship and today will be the final day of my internship. After completing my SPM at SMK Taman Connaught, I decided after all the late night study sessions and stressful examinations that I needed a break. So, I chose to opt for the July intake for A-levels.

The months leading up to the internship were mostly unproductive. From working in retail to binge watching Netflix at home. The first 2 months were great, the feeling of doing absolutely nothing was satisfying. But the break I thought I deserved became dull really fast. I knew how important planning for the future was, so I made it my goal to get an internship before I start college.

My sister told me about The Techy Hub, saying that they offer a really good internship program. After exchanging a few e-mails with Soon Seng, we scheduled an interview. A week after that, my internship began.

Why I chose to do my internship

Coming out of government school, I did not really get the exposure I needed to face the adult world. We lack communication skills as there’s an explicit hierarchy in schools where the governing bodies are dominant, this shuts down communication skills, opinions and creativity. The Techy Hub gave me the opportunity to grow and get real world experience.

With a large majority of my friends already started college and another portion enrolling just as I started my internship, there was a small form of doubt. I would be half a year behind my friends. Here are some of the reasons why I did things differently and chose to do an internship.

Real world experience

An internship gives the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in a professional environment. Often people have the misconception whereby an intern merely does photocopying or getting coffee. At The Techy Hub, interns were here to learn and explore new career paths.

Learn new skills

One of the reasons I applied for the internship at the The Techy Hub was because I knew nothing about programming. I know it sounds rather counter intuitive. Why venture into uncharted territory? Well let’s face it, programming is the future. The internship gave me the opportunity to learn basic coding. It also gave me some insights on how a web development company functions.

Dog with computer


Building my resume

Before I came in, my resume consists mainly of retail jobs that don’t bring much value. The internship served both as a great learning experience as well as a new addition to my resume. The addition of an internship in my resume carries more weight in a sense that it shows you’re motivated to be involved in the working industry.


 The experience

The first week of my internship was mostly learning the basics. I was appointed to be under the Digital Marketing team. Again, I was going into this blind, knowing nothing about the different aspects of digital marketing. I started off watching introduction videos regarding digital marketing from SEO to SEM. Trying to absorb as much as I could. My supervisor Kur Win taught me everything I needed to know about Digital marketing. I slowly began to understand why certain websites succeeded while others got lost in cyberspace.

After the first week, I was given a few tasks that included managing the Facebook pages of our company as well as other partner companies. Even though I was an intern, it felt like I was treated as a real employee. We were given responsibilities. During meetings, our input and opinions were valued where they take our inputs into consideration regardless of whether you were a full time staff or an intern.

Digital marketing meme

It really is. source.

I was often given the task of writing content for client websites, blogposts and product descriptions. I really enjoyed the creative freedom given to me, where I could express my ideas and thoughts. However at times, the need for constant original content can be mentally straining. The working environment and help from my colleagues definitely helped me in overcoming the challenges faced. The working environment instills creativity. With a large couch, colourful bean bags and an Xbox, the workplace encourages the balance between work and play.

Since The Techy Hub is a Web Development company, it was only fair that I learn how to code. I learned basic Front-End Development which comprises of HTML and CSS coding. I was fascinated by how even a simple website required lines and lines of code. Challenging at time, programming is one of the key skills to have for the future regardless of what career direction you opt to choose.


How it felt to code for the first time. source.

That’s all Folks!

It was wonderful to walk into the office each day knowing that every day is a new day where you have the opportunity to learn, to build connections and to grow. The time has come for us to go our own ways. In a month, I’ll be back in school but with a different outlook. I’ll be forever grateful for giving me the opportunity of knowledge interning under The Techy Hub. Thanks guys!

Want to experience the internship program for yourself? Find out more about the internship program here: thetechyhub.com/the-internship/

group photo of The Techy Hub

Farewell lunch for the interns.



1419024Throwing it back to 2 weeks ago, I still the little high school girl with no idea what the Techy Hub do. Purposely making my bag appear big but in reality there’s only 3 papers, my pencil box and my bottle in it. (trying hard to look like I’m ready). With the initial thought that all offices are like a honeycomb with superiors sitting in their respective solidary cube. I thought I will be confined to my little cubic space.

Pushing open the door, the Techy Hub was nothing like what I imagined, it looked exactly like the pictures online (duh).

Compared to the other offices, the Techy Hub is more relaxed and laid back. To my surprise, the resting area has bean bags and a comfy sofa. Anytime when we feel tired and drowsy, we can just change our workplace and move there to work. How nice is that!!


During my brief stay in the Techy Hub, I was given the opportunity to learn about digital marketing. Coming in as an Art student, I had the basic coverage about marketing. Marketing involves the advertising process which is no longer just giving out pamphlets, TV adverts or leaflets but now it involves taking in the help of social media such as a blog. Taking it up a notch, we optimize our blog posts to ensure that our website is available for the world to access through SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows us to rank for a certain keyword. Did you know that you can earn money for the rankings!!1538344

Writing a blog is not as easy as I thought. It’s more than just typing, editing and posting. There’s more than that involved. Before posting my article, I have to make sure that the readability is lighted green. Like a traffic light, red means stop don’t post; yellow means it’s not good but not bad. This ensures that the article is pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. Next, it’s the SEO optimization part. I have a brief idea on what it is but I was not experienced enough to do it so I passed it to the expert, Tricia.

Holding open a door of curiosity, I learnt content writing. Sure, you might say, it’s just writing, anyone is capable of doing it. But, writing to advertise has lot of hidden tactics. You have write to provoke the consumers and viewers. It’s like playing with alphabets and forming words that make your product appear exclusive and make your potential customers feel like they need to have it.


all kinds of foodEveryone’s daily struggle: where to eat?

Lunch, my favorite time of the day. Partially because of the food but it was also the only time where everyone sit together and talk. Stepping away from our computers and enjoy our delicious meals. The first few days, I was still quite reluctant and shy to start a conversation with them but now we talk every day. We can talk about just anything, sharing experiences or just some random funny Facebook posts. Laughter is never absent with them.



It’s true how Time waits for no one. When you are enjoying yourself, time always race like a jet. In a blink of an eye, 2 weeks is already coming to an end. It’s time to say goodbye to this place. It’s time to switch back to my original high school routine… Today is the last day that I will be walking down the stairs from the Techy Hub. Bringing sweet memories and all the knowledge I gained home, I will never forget my wonderful experience here! It’s time to go back to the familiar building where I call school and leave the office of the Techy Hub…

A Different Working Environment

Art Printing Works

art printing works building

Down the memory lane, APW (Art Printing Works) was not just merely another commercial letterpress establishment.  Specialising in printing hardcover books, the industrial plant is dilapidated by the advancement of technologies. Rich in history, APW couldn’t just close down now.

The Origin

Dating back to the 18th centuries, The Royal Press was in its heyday. Fame was in its favor until the Japanese came about, endeavoring to devour the whole of Tanah Melayu. The Royal Press had to closed down because of that. The original store was no longer in existence, but the business is still in the heart of Ee Lay Swee, who then later opened a store that lasted till this very day.

Royal Press withstood the dilapidation of time, but technologies were not kind to them. By 2000, the business was in neglect as it was not seen as appealing to the newer generation.

Ee Soon Wei took the bold initiative to improvise the authentic industrial printing area into something new. Holding onto the family’s legacy, the common trading area is no longer just the home of ink and papers. Instead, it’s the campus for all creativity to take place.



office space
Above the factory is the large space for juvenile entrepreneurs to interact with the other creative outdoor washroom area
individuals from different fields like graphic designs, architecture, programming and many more. With the exposure of natural light and green plants around that space, you will feel more focused.

The modern layout and design of Uppercase allow inspiration to take place. Every now and then, Uppercase tenants organize events to share their passion and teach a skill or two. Bean bags lying around waiting for us to take a seat, bringing us comfort and relaxation while we work.

An arcade at the corner, tempting us to take a break and have some fun. A rooftop terrace with plenty of natural light, totally insta-worthy. Even the toilet is looking modern and waiting for us to utilize it. Stayed here the whole day, starting to smell a bit like gym socks? Keep your cologne or deodorant and head to the shower prepared for you.


#Brown bag Friday

man presenting with silly picture on screen

Grace organized a small section to gather the community members. It was just a little session that gathers the members for a chat. This is the time where everyone has a chance to share their passion, experiences, and views. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This short session enables us to solve the member’s problems and share our ideas. Maybe our ideas might just be the exact solution to the hitch that he is facing. On the 28th of October, Daecan Tee from Pow Ideas shared about the importance of the prototyping culture.



Pulp by Papa Palheta, a safe haven for all caffeine lovers. From afar, the smell of fresh pastries and rich aroma permeate the air. Bringing joy and vitality to those who needed a boost to get through the hardships of work. From the surface, Pulp looks just like another coffee shop around the corner.

In the heart of the store is the eagerness to spread the art of brewing. It’s not only a coffee shop that bakes and brew but also a café that supplies the appliances to hash a fresh coffee. The tricks and tips to a mildly acidic coffee can be attained here as you embark on your journey to becoming a coffee apprentice.

Not only that, Pulp is also the supplier of aromatic roasted beans at both retail and commercial levels.


The Breakfast Thieves

rustic breakfast place with plants around

The Breakfast Thieves, founded in 2012 in Melbourne, the co-founders decided to return home to bring their delicacies to their homeland. Introducing the fusion treat that incorporates Australian and Asian taste buds. Being listed as one of the top 5 cafés in Melbourne, they decided to bring their legacy home. The mouth-watering dishes that they prepared will make you drool!


A Place Where (APW)

A workplace is not always a single cube that we are all confined to work in. In APW, it’s versatile and fun. With the F&B outlets available, you will never have to worry about where to eat. You can choose where to sit, and every day you will have new interactions. A Place Where you can work and play.

A Little About Intern Alisha

intern working hard on computer

Hi my name is Alisha Lee and I’m from Wesley Methodist School (International). I’ve just finished my final term exams for year 10 (form 4). My school has this program called Work Experience for the year 10/ form 4s. In this program we are to find our own jobs and work for them for 2 weeks.

human head and lightbulb with icons about education So, I started thinking. What were my requirements for my job? Was it the money? The brand? The experience? The people? I then and there came into a conclusion, to me, what was the most important was the learning. The process and what I can use what I have learnt for my future as an artistic freelancer, might it be in graphic design, illustration or animation.

I talked to many people and soon came across The Techy Hub through a friend of mine. She too was going to join this company. I did my research and made sure this was the right choice. I wanted to broaden my abilities and learn more about the digital world of art. The company was in the graphic design and advertising field which fulfilled my requirements moreover something I have never tried before.

Feeling adventurous, I thought to myself, why not? I then started to converse with Soon Seng, The director / Front-End Developer. After Soon Seng explained to me the positions available and had advise me to not pick too many choices, I finalized with the choice of social media marketing and graphic designing.

I’m excited to pick up some skills before heading back to the dull books in school and I hope to gain as much as I can from this internship. Stay tuned to this space to see what else we’ll be sharing.

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