Who Am I? I’m An Intern

by thetechyhub at March 30, 2018


Hello there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ranko and I’m currently studying for my Diploma in Mass Communication. An internship is a compulsory part of my course so here I am at The Techy Hub.

I had been dreading the internship portion of my course just because I’d have to make so many choices from what field to go into to which company to apply for. It was important, my lecturers told all of us as we were briefed on what to expect, to choose a company you feel comfortable with because you’ll be there every day for the next few months. Decisions, decisions; so many to make and all of them having a significant impact on me.

The entire semester before our internship period, I was asked countless of times ‘So where are you going to intern?’ by lecturers and peers alike. I really didn’t want to think about it and kept trying to put it off but I knew I had to do it else I wouldn’t find a company in time. So I forced myself to sit down and write up a resume and cover letter. Going through the long list of suggested companies my college provided, I looked up all the companies that had what I was looking for, a ‘copywriters wanted’ written in the description. I had a few criteria in mind: close to home or easy to commute via public transportation, seems chill and looked interesting.

Chapter 1: The Interview

The Techy Hub was one of the few places that caught my eye and met all my criteria so I dropped Soon Seng an email. I felt a little nervous and giddy as if I’d just texted my crush when I hit ‘send’ on the email. I had hoped I would come off sounding professional and composed though that was a far cry from my true self. Thankfully, both Soon Seng and the other company I had contacted got back to me and we set up an interview time.

On the day of the interview with Soon Seng, I felt extremely nervous; I usually get major anxiety over things like this so it wasn’t surprising. The other interview I had was extremely short, I’d say it lasted about five minutes so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. Like a good interviewee, I arrived early and was ushered into what looked like a meeting room by Soon Seng.

Palms sweaty and heart beating fast, both from the nerves, I answered all of Soon Seng’s questions as best as I could, which meant with the least amount of stuttering. He asked about my studies and told me about his studies. It was just a lot of questions and inquiring on his part. By the end of it, he had assigned me a writing task and I felt that whether or not I got offered an intern position at The Techy Hub was riding on how well I did this assignment.

Chapter 2: The Experience

Relief flooded through me when I got the email from Soon Seng offering me an intern position at The Techy Hub. So now that I’ve got the position, I just had to mentally prepare myself (easier said than done). The fact that I would be an intern soon didn’t even settle in my mind until the day before I would actually start.

I showed up to the office early not knowing what to expect. Would they have me do menial work like making coffee and run errands? I guess, in my mind, that’s what an intern did. To my surprise, as I was given a rundown of the tasks that I would have to complete over the next three months, it seemed that they would be giving me a lot of work.

Writing blog posts and pitches filled my three months here. It really helped me improve my writing skills and learn about new things since I was usually writing about topics that I was unfamiliar with. While I had first thought that I’d be overwhelmed with the amount of work I’d have to do, I took things one step at a time and it honestly wasn’t that bad. But that was mostly because I had a lot of help.

Chapter 3: The People

By a lot of help, I mean that there was another intern working with me. Chris is his name and he left a month before I did (the traitor). He’s older than me so he had more experience and helped me out a lot, I’m grateful for that, but he had the worst puns. We got along well and were fast friends since we saw each other almost every day of the week. I think without Chris, I probably would have been so lost and lonely so I have to thank him for all his terrible jokes and for making those first two months pretty fun.

Kur Win, what can I say about him? He enjoys spilling hot liquids near my space and super derpy. He’s un-funnily funny and good at what he does. He was my main source of knowledge when it came to the whole Marketing shebang. Kur Win was a mentor, advisor and I’m glad to have picked up a couple of things from him

So, Soon Seng is pretty great. He always told us that he wanted every intern to learn something before they left. He never made us do things for no reason, there was always something to learn from our experience. It was through his constructive criticism that Chris and I managed to improve ourselves.


I don’t regret choosing to intern at The Techy Hub. I’ve learned a lot and have experienced what it’s like to work in an office. I’ve picked up on some things that I didn’t learn in college. I’ll go back to college, hopefully, a little more matured and a little more experienced. I’m truly grateful for this experience.