Internship Season 4 Ends

by thetechyhub at July 4, 2016


It feels like just yesterday we were posting about our new batch of interns. It just shows how three months can just fly past. Our interns have now come to the end of their journey with us. Here is what they have to say:

Tian Sheng:

After 3 months of working at The Techy Hub, my internship has finally come to an end. During my short tenure here as an intern, I was given the opportunity to learn more about programming in a variety of different languages such as HTML, CSS and even a little Java. Furthermore with the help of the techies and some brainstorming, I even managed to publish my first android game on the Play Store. But interning at the Hub isn’t all about programming, we were also exposed to a variety of life skills such as communicating with clients and proper working etiquettes which would benefit myself and others around me.

The atmosphere at the Hub is unlike most companies, with a more relaxed and comfortable environment, lightning fast internet connection and even an Xbox nearby in case we need a break, it really provides us with a conducive environment to work in. Not to mention working at Uppercase in Bangsar every Friday provides us with some much needed change of scenery every now and again.

Interning at The Techy Hub has really opened my eyes to the world of programming and web designing, not to mention life skills which I can help give me an edge in my future working life.  

Kam Wai:

In just a split amount of time, the 3-month internship is about to finish. This is definitely a brand new experience in my life. In these few months, we have learnt new skills that we won’t get if we did not join this internship. From web designing to app programming, it trained us to persevere when we face any obstacles in life.

Initially, we learnt the basic HTML and CSS then we got the opportunity to learn the basic function in WordPress. We did this by watching the video tutorials given by the experts. There are a lot of things to learn therefore we need to work very hard on it. After that, we used WordPress to edit webpages for clients. However, it was not as easy as it looks. Many factors had to be considered in the process. This includes the overall design, words and pictures. We need to make it user-friendly and not too complicated. We managed to take part in the building of two websites, one of it is based on a medical quiz while the other one is related to a scaffolding company.

Besides that, we had to learn Photoshop and Fireworks in order to adjust and fit the pictures nicely on the website. Learning how to do it is not easy because both programs have a lot of functions. Thus, we had help from our superiors and colleagues to overcome these challenges. 

Moreover, we manage to improve our communication skills by joining this internship. We need to meet up and discuss with clients in order to fulfil their requirements on the website. This internship has trained me to be more outspoken and confident in sharing ideas for discussions.