Lunch at Damansara Jaya

by Soon Seng Ee at January 12, 2016

1. Chow Yang Kopitiam

Char siu fan – RM6 – 8
Pan mee – RM6 – 7
Chap fan (rice accompanied by egg, chicken and vegetables) – RM6 – 10
Pork noodles – RM6 – 7

What more do you want?! Despite this place being our go-to when it comes to lunch, we are always too stoked to dig in before taking a picture #priorities

Credits to gifsec

2. The Magic Wok

Chinese food is usually a favourite amongst all walks of life and I think it owes mostly to the fact that the cuisine is full of variety, which you will find at the Magic Wok. There is Tofu topped with sliced abalone to Golden Butter chicken and Creamy Butter prawns..yaaassss


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Credits to The Magic Wok facebook page

The Magic Wok

Credits to mweats

3. Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Rice

Looking for a familiar taste coming from your hometown? Look no further because this place has got it covered. With a signature charred bottom, you will be left scraping for more!
                                                                   Credits to Timeout


Pssst, want to plan early for tomorrow’s meal? Check out Chuup, located right next to the Clawset Cafe (great for dessert and animal lovers), for some traditional popiah or nasi lemak complemented with pork rendang!