Having the Best of Both Worlds

by Soon Seng Ee at October 7, 2015


So here’s a feature of Soon Seng in Focus Week – thanks to Rita! The article features individuals who lead a balanced lifestyle of work and travel.

Read about Soon Seng’s experience, and the upside and downside of working while travelling:-


Pictured here is a reunion between Soon Seng and his Melbournian friends:-


One of the benefits (and probably the best point in my opinion) is that working in The Techy Hub leaves you flexibility – you get to travel anytime of the year! We don’t have a set amount of days for official Annual Leave as we don’t think that taking time off should be restricted! (Say Amen to that!)

We’re always welcoming and gathering Techies. Just drop us a quick email: info@thetechyhub.com and we’ll be in touch!