App Reskinning – Chem Pro!

by thetechyhub at June 29, 2016

Written By: Kam Wai

In the final month here, we were given the task to reskin an app to monetize it. First, we headed to Code Canyon website to search for suitable app to reskin. Subsequently, we managed to narrow it down to 2 apps, Stick Hero and Freaking Word. The former is a game where you have to help the character to get through different length of pit. This is done by lengthening the stick until it reaches an optimum length to act as a bridge on the pit. The latter requires you to determine whether the word given has correct spelling or not.

After analyzing both games, we realized that the Freaking Word game has bigger potential to be reskinned because we can modify it to many different types of quiz. For example, we can change it to test player’s knowledge on Physics equation, Chemistry formula or even continental countries. By using the source code for just an app, we can come up with different varieties of game. Therefore, my colleague and I can come up with 2 apps by just buying the source code for an app. I decided to modify the game into a Chemistry formula quiz. My friend Tian Sheng created a quiz related to continental countries.


After we bought the source code of Freaking Word, we try to edit it. Though the game app looked simple and was easy to play, it was very challenging to edit the code without background in Java programming. Therefore, we need help from our experts in order to change the game play to suit our app title and the purpose of the app. For my game, I put in some basic Chemical elements and compounds into the game library. The player has to determine whether the element or compound given suits the Chemical formula or not.

In terms of design, it is much easier as we do not need touch a lot on the Java code. We just need to take some related non-copyrighted pictures and modify it to suit the app. The app name is Chem Pro! This game aims to strengthen the player’s understanding on Chemical formulas. Chemistry students, be sure to try it out if you’re weak in your formulas, maybe this could help! The link for the app is