Uppercase: A Collaborative Workspace for a Community of Creators

by Soon Seng Ee at April 15, 2016

The Techy Hub temporarily relocated for a day to Uppercase. It is located amidst the familiar city hustle in the heart of Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The trendy, conducive workspace helped rid of any symptoms of Monday Blue’s for us.

We were seated at the main area, where there were long tables and swivel chairs amidst patches of sun. The open concept allowed for us to discuss ideas or where to eat lunch while getting work done. It is a comfortable space where we don’t have to isolate ourselves and our work until it is time for a group meeting. It is a comfortable space where there is no isolation between ourselves and our work. We can move about, stretch, talk – all contributing positively to our thinking process.


Need a break?

We’re spoilt for choice here, from playing a round of Street Fighter II to relaxing in bean bags. What’s more,  you can enjoy the sunshine and good view from the roof terrace for a toilet break! Now that is sufficient to keep us energised for the work ahead.

The place is fresh and stimulating: exactly what a healthy workplace should be.




The energy at Uppercase can definitely be identified as different, compared to when working at previous working spaces, as concluded by the project coordinators of a special Bicycle Map Project deriving from a link between Studio 25 and Think City, who have been working at Uppercase for around a month. In their opinion, the space acts as a catalyst for discussion and collaboration – solving problems and feeding curiosities. When asked to name a few things that made working here awesome, the coffee machine was branded as a plus side of working here. I have to admit: the scent of brewing coffee does improve working conditions by a significant percentage for me too.

For those interested in getting a new office space or a place to collaborate with, have a look at uppercase. You can check them out at http://www.uppercase.asia