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6 Secrets to an appealing ‘About me’ page

by Soon Seng Ee at November 9, 2016

Our phones never left our side, they are like our sidekick, keeping us on the go. Checking emails, scrolling through Instagram, stalking your crush on Facebook, watching celebrities fight on Twitter, reading blogs on Google, the Web was always there to lend us a helping hand. Sitting behind screen, it’s almost impossible to truly connect…

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Why Your Business Must Go Social?

by thetechyhub at August 24, 2016

Hey guys! If you’re ever wondering why your business needs to go social, here’s a few reasons. We found a great post by Wix and we thought it was appropriate to share it with you. So here are the reasons why your business must go social. (Click the link for the full article from Wix) Do let us know…

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by thetechyhub at August 12, 2016

Just kidding…well, not really… We’re looking for a full-fledged Javascript developer OR a back-end (Laravel/PHP) developer and we’ll pay you what you’re worth! Experience with both is a plus! What’s in it for you: Flexible schedule within reason Like-minded geek techies Working together with other passionate programmers Help to build a community of upcoming techies…

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